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Ex-member of the WC, super-duper guitar player, and founder of "Guru amplifiers" Co.

When did you come to Auroville and what triggered the decision?

I left the USA for Auroville on Feb 28, 1971. The "decision" didn't take place in a single moment but rather was the culmination of events or experiences that, if I can find a date, began on Nov 24th 1967.

Auroville is so different from US's west coast; how did you take the difference?

I guess it depends where in the West Coast one lives. I have lived for quite a while in a small, isolated, rather xenophobic community..,  that is, in many aspects similar to Auroville. Attitudes, however, in certain respects are certainly worlds apart. In California new ideas are embraced and one feels that one is on the 'cutting edge' of things, whereas in Auroville it seems that we have fallen behind in the learning curve and are often backward looking. In California one is enthusiastically encouraged to succeed, to generate wealth, to be enterprising.. In Auroville, it seems to me, we are still very much attached to poverty and attach a stigma to wealth.

Most recently you were part of the WC. And along with Matthias and Erisa  you were trying to venture a new company called "GURU AMPS", how is that project going on? Also, now that your time with the WC is nearly up, what would you like to be doing? Future plans?

Guru Amps is, hopefully, the future. Thanks to Didier we may have some useful contacts for marketing the amps in India.

You enjoy playing 'Go' and playing the guitar, what else do you like to do in your free time?

Reading Guitar Player Magazine or GO World magazine.

Your favourite story about Auroville from the early days?

Early Auroville was so vibrant. It felt as if we were all dipped in vast ocean of joy. We were, it seemed, living in Her dream and it was like living on the edge of history, where we pushed the envelope of experience towards a new existence. It is difficult to think up something offhand, but how about the time we all came to the Info Centre to watch the World Cup and Doordarshan showed the Baby of the Year instead? Not old enough, I guess.

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