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About last wills and testaments


Rakesh Tewari, July 2014

Bhavana, May 2011

Lloyd, May 2010

Wim, Jan. 2007

Silvano, Aug. 2004

Sydo, Jan 2004

Stefano, Feb 2003



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Last rites

Throughout the years, there have been people who have left their body while in Auroville. They were either buried or cremated by the residents, surrounded with love and flowers, and incense and light. Presently, as the township moves towards a critical number of residents, the number of people passing away is increasing.


Adventure community


The 'Adventure' community in the Green Belt has offered to consecrate a part of the land under their stewardship for the performance of last rites. A combination of activities seems to be the most effective way of dealing with matters, and a team of Aurovilians is working on this.


The crematorium in Adventure forest.


Specific after-arrangements


As Auroville is dedicated to a more conscious way of living, also the process of dying is seen in a more conscious way, and specific after-arrangements may be asked for by the dying persons themselves. There is, for example, a 'keeping-room', an A/C room to keep the body preserved during the possibility of suspended animation (for the first 3 days). After that the body will be further cooled down on a freezing plate, so as to prevent any further deterioration before cremation or burial. At least two of these keeping rooms will be available. The aim is to keep the body for 7 days. If, however, deterioration of the body advances quickly, disposing of the body can take place earlier.


Place to meditate


The whole set-up has been built with a sense of beauty, and integrated into an environment that breathes a sense of calm and peace in order to facilitate the voyage of the soul.

There will be beauty and joy. After all, the place doesn't mark an end but a staging point to a new adventure and a new beginning.


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