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A web brother passes


We feel it proper and good to pay homage to our dear friend and colleague Stefano, who has been active member of the website team, and who very recently passed away. The following message circulated through the community informing all residents of Stef's particular plight and of his passing:


Stefano is on his way

Please know that our good friend and brother Stefano Moro from Italy, who was with us here from 1981 onwards, has serenely and peacefully left his body on February 17th '03, 10 am in his home in Aurodam. He was just 47 years old.

Stef has battled with a most aggressive form of cancer for over a year, opting for natural and alternative means of treatment only. During this time he determinedly built up an increasingly strong and alive connection with his inner self from which place he continued to radiate hope and faith, light and love to the ones coming in contact with him.
As long as he could, he read works of Sri Aurobindo, the Mother and Satprem. This strengthened and guided him in his integral yoga approach of actively, consciously confronting the karmic formation encountered by him in this lifetime. "I'll work this out", he said, "even if it would mean I would die along with it.." Stefano's courageous perseverance, and delight gained from new inner discoveries during this painful venture, impressed and uplifted the many friends who stood by him.

Hats off for this, Stefano, and thank you for your music and presence while you were here. We'll hold you up and remember you, and salute you while you're proceeding to the more celestial spheres of life..

Jay MA -

Go and come, with love from all of us!

= Our love and support and strength go to Stef's mother who was here these last months, and to Rossella and little Namoi who were involved in his decision to approach the illness in a natural way and who staunchly stood at his side all the way. May Mother, and Auroville, embrace you.


On February 20th, at 10 am, some hundred Aurovilians came to the Aurodam settlement where they followed flowers strewn on the way leading towards the place of burial. They came from all walks of Aurovilian life, called by their friendship with Stefano, and formed a varied, coloured and lovely bunch. Most of them had brought flowers from their gardens or nurseries, a mantra was sung by Gupi of Aurodam, AUM was chanted, incense burnt. The wooden coffin was lowered by Stef's friends into a freshly dug hole after which flowers rained down on it, and Stef's music partners quietly took a seat at the edge.
It was a touching moment when Holger, accompanied on guitar by Krishna, sang Duke Ellington's 'Come Sunday' for his friend, delivering on the side a most exquisite little violin solo playing us straight up to heaven. When then Matthew took the saxophone (Stef's main instrument) and very sensitively played one of Stef's own compositions 'Space all over', many eyes misted, - there was so much love in the air.

Subsequently, with mumpties handled by Aurovilians in turn, earth was shuffled into the hole until the ground was level. A lighthearted air prevailed while the work went on, a small mount appeared, flowers and incense were placed, some light jokes cracked, laughter flaring up.. It was an occasion of light and of music, of colour and love. Just as Stef would have wanted it.

See you next time around, Stef!

The web team


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