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Hail to the great one, the noble and truthful,
back to the Mother!



I am profoundly shocked at Wim's passing. I feel as when Nolini Kanta Gupta (Sri Aurobindo's most advanced disciple), commenting on Dyane's fall from Matrimandir, stated that she had paid for all of us. That our Christmas and New Year celebrations went on simultaneously with the announcements of Wim's fight with death makes it even more tragic.
Wim was a gentleman in the complete sense of the world, and of a rare species. Someone whom Auroville badly needed and who cannot be replaced. Not only he had culture and intelligence, but when he started the Kosmos Café he completely opened up, gifting us with something so terribly missing here: not just the ecological concern, too often a mere cliché, but a profound social and political concern as well; as if he had come to Auroville to remind us of our true responsibilities towards the world and society. And he did it not as a fiery militant, reminiscent of the 1968 generation, but with grace and gentleness, as if trying all the time to efface himself. How great, how brave, how strong and wonderful!

That first Kosmos festival had electrified the Aurovilians, for some of us opening up new dimensions, reassuring others who over the years had let everything go, too disheartened to show their real face. It was a thrilling experience, unveiling a new Auroville, or rather an underground Auroville kept tightly secret; whose existence I had suddenly discovered, but only once: when Mary King (at that time a member of the International Advisory Council) met us in the Tibetan Pavilion to present her views on the Afghan war, opening an ignited debate.

Wim has passed through Auroville's sky like a meteor, leaving us again alone in our void. May his brief appearance amongst us last forever! Awaken, and for good, to the social and political question by which we have been confronted, one movie after the other, and of which Wim was the unobtrusive ambassador, a major reason for sending him amongst us.

My gratitude is equal to my grief. Hail to the great one, the noble and truthful, back to the Mother!


A Tribute to Wim 

I was one of the lucky ones to attend Wim's wake on Saturday.  Kathy and Tulsi set the tone of the evening, explaining that Wim lived life as a celebration so this evening wasn't meant to morn his passing but to celebrate his love of life and the accomplishments of this amazing departed soul.   Tulsi and Kathy shared with us Wim's last weeks on earth, his body was literally falling apart but throughout his ordeal he was positive, assuring, encouraging; always the teacher till the very end.

Wim was an Aurovillian who always promoted human unity, within his own community, with the community at large but he also tried to assist us in seeing the bigger picture of human unity.   He was always showing us world movements or days set aside by the world to acknowledge different aspects of human unity. 

Wim will sorely be missed and our thoughts go out to his family, Tulsi and Kathy, but we all know that he is already on his next mission, take care brother and celebrate on.




At Wim's house, in Adventure community

Dear Wim, Thank you so much for your physical presence and all the gifts it brought us. These last months, I'm being taught that the butterfly isn't the death of the caterpillar but its triumphant flight. And that birth and death are only part of Infinite Life within which we remain forever one. It helps me a lot. It particularly helps me to understand how you are now enjoying your winged dance, with Jossy and the others.
And what wonders for this Earth are you all working on?

Within Love Eternal,





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