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The Mother often used the subtle vibrations of flowers to communicate with the people who had come to join the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry . In 1972, the centenary of the birth of Sri Aurobindo, The Mother asked that flowers carrying the vibration of ‘Transformation' be collected in large numbers.

AuroCulture, who had come to the Ashram a few weeks earlier, saw that there were not enough Transformation trees to produce the amount of flowers needed, so she bought pots of seedlings from the Botanical Gardens and brought them home to grow until they would be ready for planting.

Flowers of all kinds were also used to make a beautiful flower decoration each day on the Samadhi of Sri Aurobindo. AuroCulture gathered the faded flowers from the Samadhi for some time, first to mulch the Transformation seedlings, and then, having so many flowers, she experimented to find the best way of composting them.

On the day of the first anniversary of her arrival at the Ashram, AuroCulture brought the first all-flower compost, named ‘New Earth', to the Mother, who put her lovely hands on it and meditated on it for some time.

For many years, AuroCulture continued collecting flowers, sorting them and participating in the creation of the flower designs on the Samadhi. She once collected many thousands of ‘Service' flowers and arranged them on the Samadhi, covering it entirely: it was a fragrant carpet of gold.

She often traversed the twelve kilometres from Pondicherry to Auroville, bringing dozens of flower pots to plant flowers in the communities of Auroville and in the Matrimandir Gardens . She also carried bags of New Earth flower compost and Samadhi sand and Samadhi flowers to help the plants get a good start.

AuroCulture moved from the Ashram to Auroville and continued her flower collecting, composting and planting activities from her home in the community of Aspiration.

One day, someone wanted to take a photo of the New Earth in Matrimandir Gardens ; for this reason, flowers were arranged harmoniously to decorate the New Earth. The first flower mandalas in Auroville were made in the cement rings containing the New Earth, and Mother's photo was often placed on top as well. Mandala , a Sanskrit word meaning disc, refers to symbolic circular figures representing the universe in various religions. In the Matrimandir Gardens , near the Prosperity tree, the Flower Mandala and New Earth activity continues today.


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