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Say it with flowers

Korean version

The universal adage 'Say it with flowers' has in Auroville an extra meaning. As the Mother often used to communicate through flowers, we inherited from her a list with the occult meanings and descriptions she sensed in them, and their messages as well. It has become a lovely game to express oneself this way, and Aurovilians amply use it, among each other, when choosing the contents of their gardens, when finding a surprise flower on their doorstep..

Some samples of Mother's flower messages:

Please, note that of one variety various meanings and messages have been given by the Mother, depending on the flower's size, colours and other propensities. See 'Flowers and their Messages'.

Garden Geranium

Spritual Happiness
Calm and smiling, nothing can disturb it.


The Power of Purity
Purity is the best of powers.


True purity gives a lovely fragrance.


Spiritual Atmosphere
Light, fluid, clear and transparent, and so clean!


Always ready for the progress demanded.

Dahlia (large variety)

Incapable of baseness and pettiness, it asserts itself with dignity and nobility.

Lemon Grass, Citronella Grass

You bring help to him who knows how to use it.

Garden Nasturtium

Promise of Realisation
The best encouragement.

Oleander (Nerium Oleander, single white)

Quiet Mind
The best way of learning.

Chrysanthemum (white)

Purified Dynamic Life Energy
Superb, unconquerable, all-powerful in its purity.

Water Lily

True wealth is that which one offers to the Divine.


Abolition of the ego
One exists only by the Divine and for the Divine.


Abundance of beauty
A beauty that blossoms without counting, abundantly.


(medium-sized double, light salmon-pink with fine red veins and deep red center)
The flame of purification which must precede all contact with the invisible worlds.

Aloe Vera

One can learn much by controlling one's dream.


Love for the Divine
The vegetal kingdom gathers together its most beautiful possibilities to offer them to the Divine.


Psychological Perfection
There is not one psychological perfection but five, like the five petals of this flower(sincerity, faith, devotion, aspiration and surrender).

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