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MahaSaraswati Freestore


The MahaSaraswati Freestore is the second free store in Auroville. While the first one has been functioning already for some thirty years, and provides a great many Aurovilians with second-hand clothing or clothing items given by the Auroville units from time to time, this second one has come into being some five years ago in answer to a growing need for other kinds of items.

Olivier, the founder of MahaSaraswati Freestore, here with some of the products he collects and repairs, for further use by Aurovilian residents as well as the residents of the villages surrounding the township.

All the 'junk' one can imagine

As the township is developing, more and more material items are needed, and the MahaSaraswati Freestore endeavours to meet these needs by providing a platform for free exchange of goods such as mechanical, electrical or electronic equipment, furniture, books, toys, and raw materials such as cement, bricks, paints, wood, soap, etc. But also vehicles, instruments, kitchenware, home appliances, cosmetics, machinery, bits and parts, odds and ends, and all the 'junk' one can imagine.

The MahaSaraswati team in their free store, located in the Kuilyapalayam village, adjacent to the Aspiration settlement.

Walk in and take what you need

It functions on a 'walk in and take what you need' basis; is situated in Kuilapalayam/Aspiration area in the same building as the Kuilapalayam post office not far from Pour Tous; and receives donations both from within Auroville and from outside well-wishers and passing visitors.

Just that sort of thing..

Regularly, on Sundays, the MahaSaraswati team visits the various Auroville settlements - one community at a time - and collects items from the residents. In case of need, these items are repaired and then made available for people looking 'just for that sort of thing'.

Which means that if you plan to come to Auroville and you still have some space in your suitcases, you could take a look in your drawers and cupboards for stuff which you don't use and have lying around, and bring it along with you to donate to the Freestore. Most certainly your offerings are going to find a happy new owner (unless you brought perhaps an electric blanket or a snowboard…).


The Freestore is open every Saturday afternoon from 3pm to 5pm and can be contacted via olivier@auroville.org.in

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