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October 2010

Auroville Ultimate Frisbee

plays with a winning spirit




Kumaran Selvam, Pradeep Rajkumar, Mary Francis, Ashwin Hegde, Sohan Maheshwar, Ethan Hirsch-Tauber, Ashwin Ezhumalai, Clifford P Joseph, Aurévan Lung, Subash Chander, Vimal Surya, Preetham Kajekar, Coren Lindfield

One year ago the fledgling Auroville Ultimate Frisbee team played in its first tournament, gaining valuable experience and emerging with the award for “Spirit of the Game”. Since that weekend in Chennai, the team has competed in Kodaikanal last spring, and last July in Bangalore. With each match, the team’s skills have improved and we’ve continued to play with a high level of positive spirit and unity.

Nash Paul, Ashwin Ezhumalai, Smiti, Kumaran Selvam , Shrishti Dangi, Aurévan Lung , Alexandra Gablier, Arpan Dhandhania, Jorge Ayarza,
Apurva Kothari


The team now wins more games than it loses, and in games that we come up short, it’s by the slimmest of margins.
Such play continued two weeks ago when we traveled again to the warm sands of Elliot’s beach in Chennai for three days of Ultimate.

From October 8-10 we were one of fifteen teams competing.
Last year we simply went by the name AV Ultimate.
This year, we've adopted the name Spinergy, a frisbee twist on the word synergy. Synergy is defined as a cohesive group being more than the sum of its parts.
During the first round of the tournament, we won all three matches in our pool. Despite fielding a smaller team than others, and having played far less on sand than the Chennai teams, we competed with consistency and joy. These wins led to a quarterfinal match against a young, fast team from Chennai.
Though the score remained close in the first half, their stamina and skills beat us in the end. We then moved into playing for fifth place, needing two wins to take that position. In our first game, against our friendly rivals from Delhi, we were tied 8-8 in a game to 9, but lost the final point. Though disappointing to lose, we savoured playing against a team with great spirit.
At the end of the day on Sunday, with our bodies worn down, we took to the field one last time against a team from Mumbai that we always enjoy playing. And, so far, have always managed to beat. This match would be no different, as we played with confidence, class and consistency. We even lead by enough at one point to play a silly point where everyone on our team guarded a good friend of ours’ on the Mumbai team. Lots of laughs from both teams, and lots of smiles at the end of the match. Though we won the game, as our two teams formed one big circle at the end, it truly felt like a two-team win. This is the essence of Ultimate.
A game in which teams win and lose, yet the possibility always remains for both teams to emerge victorious.

As the tournament wound down and we got ready to board our van back to Auroville, the organizers announced that our team had won the Spirit of the Game award for the second year in a row. We shared the prize with our friends from Delhi, who were a close second last year, and gave us wonderful feedback both years. Though we won four of our six games, and were one point close to winning a fifth, it is this Spirit award that holds the greatest weight.
This team carries the spirit of Auroville, and of Ultimate, into each tournament and each match. If you would like to join us in this special game, we play every Saturday and Monday afternoons in Certitude, starting around 4:30.
Just look for the Frisbees arcing through the air and the smiles on the field.



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