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Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Acceptance
Number of houses : 5 houses
Number of people : 9 adults, 7 children, 3 dogs and a few snakes
Date of creation : Early seventies
Guesthouse : A small capsule
E-mail contact : No
More details :

There is no community kitchen, video room or any other common gathering place here and community meetings are irregular.
We have five families in Acceptance who live together and are doing so relatively well. Mawite and I (and Mawi's brother Suanbawi and cousin Khum) are happy here. It's a good place to live, a nice mixture of Western and Tamilian Aurovilians, and generally people with very different backgrounds.
And surely Acceptance is the most centrally located community in Auroville! Everything is close by: PourTous, Aurelec, Solar Kitchen, Bharat Nivas, etc.

Our house also includes the office for Avitra, the Auroville International Translators unit that started in October 2000 by Lloyd and myself (Michael).
There is small guest-capsule in Acceptance, but it is more or less permanently occupied by Aurovilians waiting for another place to stay because of the housing shortage.


(updated September 2012)


Housing & Communities

Community name :   Adventure

Near Udavi School,
Edayanchavadi village area,
Auroville, 605101, Tamil Nadu

Phisical outlook:   Situated in the Green Belt, the area consists of 48 acres of land, and our living space is about 9 acres.
Number of buildings:   There are 7 houses (3 capsules),
2 community spaces, and an office
Present number of members:   9 Aurovilians, 3 children
Nationalities:   Indian (11), U.S. American (1), German (1)
Languages spoken:   English, Hindi, Tamil, German
Date the community started :   July 1997
Number of spaces for Guests :  

No possibility of guests,
but only one sleeping space for relatives.

Common infrastructure :   Windmill for water, solar panels for electricity (the community uses exclusively solar energy)
Contact :  


What is Adventure community

Energy  from the sun, water from the earth
Started in 1997, Adventure is by Auroville standards, one of the newer settlements to have been established. Physically, Adventure occupies 48 acres of greenbelt land and we are direct neighbours of the Edayanchavady village, of Udavi school, and very close to the Botanical gardens.

In the recent years the community has been going through a deep crisis and a complete collapse, so it can no more be considered as an intentional community, but rather as a neighbourhood.

Having been one of the succesful latest examples of intentional community living in Auroville until 2007, as a form of archive for documentation we leave online a document on Adventure community as of late May 2005.

please download the document here (.pdf.zip)


Agni Jata

Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Agni Jata
Number of houses : 6 houses
Number of people : 6 adults and 2 children
Date of creation : 1982
Guesthouse : N/A
E-mail contact : N/A
More details :

We love gardening, painting, music and Sanskrit. We have a community kitchen but lead more or less individualistic lives with most of us working outside of the community.



Housing & Communities

Community name : Ami
Number of houses : 6 capsules
Number of people : 7 adults and 2 children
Date the community started : 1976
Guesthouse : Yes, 3 keet capsules
E-mail contact : giriauroville.org.in
More details :

Ami has been a youth community for a long time, some of our greatest dancing parties were done there, but these last years things have cooled down.. The community kitchen is not used by the members anymore but it's used only for the guesthouse which is one of the cheapest around.


Annapurna Farm
(updated May 2005)


Housing & Communities

Community name : Annapurna Farm
Address : Mailam Rd. Sethurapet,
Pondicherry 605 111
Phisical outlook :

Situated in the Outer Zone
The area consists of 135 acres of land

Number of buildings : 10
Number of people : 5 adults Aurovilians and a child
Nationalities of origin : Dutch, Italian,American, Indian
Languages spoken : English, Dutch
Date the community started : 1987
Guesthouse : Yes, 2 student guesthouses
Characteristic of the community : Food production
Regular group activities : Meals
Shared facilities : Kitchen
Common infrastructure : Water pipeline
Long-term aims of the community : Food production for Auroville
Tasks of the members inside the community : Management of the farm,
food processing
How do members participate in
the life of Auroville
: Nourishing Aurovilians with organically grown food
Contact :

Tomas, Phone nr. 93454 55660 tomasauroville.org.in

More details :

The largest but least developed farm is Annapurna. It is located approximately 10 km. from the Auroville city centre, near Vanur, and has heavy black cotton soil. The farm was started in 1987 and grows mostly dry land crops such as millet, oilseeds, rice paddy and pulses. In the monsoon time some wetland rice is being grown. They utilise a combination of solar, wind and diesel powered pumps and are creating a series of water catchments ponds from which they can irrigate more area without tapping into groundwater reserves. They also maintain a biogas converter from dairy manure, for their cooking fuel needs. The total area consists of 135 acres.
Annapurna is the only existing Auroville farm where field crops can be grown on a large scale. It still needs large investments for the farm to reach its potential. Besides growing food for Auroville, Annapurna is an active research centre for ecological and biodynamic farming, as well as maintaining a collection of non-hybridised local seed stock.
They keep 8 cows, and a small poultry. At present they can provide basic accommodation for 2 farm volunteer workers.

For more information: see the Farm's newsletter, Annapurna Times



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Antakarana
Number of houses : 2 houses
Number of people : 2 adults
Date of creation : 1986
Guesthouse : N/A
E-mail contact : petraauroville.org.in
More details:

ANTAKARANA is located in the Auromodele area.
It is a two-house settlement, no guesthouse, but two cats and two dogs and a nice painting of Lord Ganesha at the front-gate. Come and visit !



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Anusuya
Number of houses : 5
Number of people : 7 adults and 3 children
Date of creation : 1974
Guesthouse : N/A
E-mail contact : N/A
More details :

Anusuya is in the Green Belt of Auroville and is primarily dedicated to look after the forest that surrounds us. We use one main windmill for water supply, we all live on solar energy and each one of us has his/her own little kitchen garden. We are
living individually.


(updated August 2005)


Housing & Communities

Community name :   Arka

Crown Road, Auroville, Tamil Nadu, 605101 India

Phisical outlook:  

The area consists of 2 acres of land situated in the Residential Zone

Number of buildings:   4 buildings
Present number of members:   3 Aurovilians, 2 Newcomers, plus guests
Nationalities:   Italian, German, North and South Indian, Canadian
Languages spoken:   English, French, German, Italian, Tamil, and Hindi.
Date the community started :   August 15, 2004
Number of spaces for Guests :  

7 Single and Double rooms

Characteristics of the community:  

Arka, situated beside the Matrimandir, is a center with the main objective of reversing the aging process. As such, we are dedicated to the Mother's vision of Auroville as a place of “unending education and youth that never ages”. Arka, meaning ‘ray of light' in Sanskrit, is committed to human unity and collectivity, and strives to provide a self-sufficient center for senior Aurovillians and guests who wish to continue living an active, integral life.
Although Arka's priority is on the needs of the elderly, we believe that the energy that is created through the interaction of all age groups is of vital importance. Therefore, we encourage and invite people of all age groups and cultures to join us.
Our amenities include: workshops, cultural events, yoga and therapy, internet, ISD, a library, as well as a full kitchen that can accommodate any individual special dietary request. Fully handicapped facilities are available for those with special needs. Breakfast, Auroville guest contributions, daily laundry, and room cleaning service are included.

Regular group activities and happenings:    

Breakfast, Tea, Lunch, Dinner.
Arts and Crafts, Internet, Yoga

Community living:    There is a community kitchen where meals may be prepared individually, or we can prepare them for the guest.
Common infrastructure :  

We share Laundry facilities, Kitchen, Fridge, Room Cleaning, Computers, Internet, ISD, and great Energy.

Guests:   All common facilities and regular group activities are open to guests
Long-term aims of the community :  

To reverse the process of aging through: yoga and therapy, arts and crafts, gaining knowledge through personal sharing or through the library that will be completed in the next few months.

Which are the tasks of the members inside the community ?    

Maria: Guest Services
Krishan: Co-ordinator
Giorgio/ Martin: Activities
Ganesh: Computer and Internet Services/ ISD

How do members participate in the life of Auroville


Everyone is individual in his or her pursuits. However, above all, our goal is to let Grace lead us towards the realization of the Mother's Agenda.

Contact :  

Maria Grazia
Tf. 262-3799

Take a picture of yourself when you arrive….
Take a picture of yourself when you leave…
Let the difference in your appearance be the truth….

More about the Arka project





Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Aspiration
Number of houses : 29 Aurovilian huts and 5 'pukka' houses
Number of people : 50 adults and 10 children
Date of creation : 1967 (before the official date of Auroville's inauguration)
Guesthouse : Yes,check with
contact :

Shakila tf:+91 98 438 36 569


More details :

Aspiration was built for the first settlers in Auroville in the late 60s… another part of the community was specifically built to accommodate the second caravan that arrived from Europe. The community was built on dry, red, unrelentingly barren land. Today, there is a canopy of vegetation covering most of the community.
Community life survives with basic accommodation, in Auroville, known as "huts". They generally have a keet (thatched) roof covering a wooden structure. Aspiration is still the largest community in Auroville with a head count of 60 persons, including 10 kids. For its residents, the community aims at the diversity needed to work on the ideals of Auroville, consciously striking a healthy balance between Indians and non-Indians.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are prepared by community members who cook at least once a week. While a part of the income generated by the guest-houses is used for the running expenses of the community, another part helps keep the resident's contribution realistic.
In the guest contribution of Rs.250/-, all meals are included. Typically, two guest rooms/huts share a common bath/toilet. We will give you a bicycle, if available, …and not broken down! Laundry is free, but please provide the soap. ;-)
Come check out the place, you are always welcome!



Housing & Communities

Community name : AuroAnnam
Number of houses : 1 residence,1 office building for AuroAnnam and Avitra,
1 keet house for farm workers; 1 cattle house plus store rooms
Number of people : 2 adults in pucca residence; 2 adults and two children in keet house
Date the farm started : 1998 (since 1968 as Auro-Orchard)
Guesthouse : No
E-mail contact : mawiteauroville.org.in
More details :

AuroAnnam is not a community: since 1997 Lucas had been searching for a consolidated plot of land to develop into a demonstration site for organic
cashew nut cultivation. In October 1998 the Auroville Farm Group offered the northern corner of Auro-Orchard. The total area is 14 acres, of which about 9 are under cashew. As for the rest there are about 70 coconut palms, and some open land for vegetables and field crops.

This farm is one element of an overall strategy for the promotion of organic and sustainable farming (including EM technology and biodynamic farming), with a focus on cashew cultivation addressing the neighbouring cashew farmers. While Lucas is the official steward, Mawite (Indian) is the actual farm manager. She is being helped by Hau and a small team of workers.

There is a bore well and an electrical pump and booster pump. The earlier
flooding irrigation (for the coconuts) has been economized with the help of
heavy mulching and ground cover crops.

There is a bullock for work with the cart. A few cows have been included to achieve an optimum ratio between acreage and cattle and to dispense with the need for purchase of organic manure from outside the farm. In the open fields, some vegetables and fodder crops are grown.


AuroAnnam teaches organic farming in general, organic cashew cultivation in particular, farming with EM and biodynamic farming, also EM use in other
application fields (cattle husbandry, poultry, aquaculture), and sustainable
waste and wastewater management and environmental regeneration with EM technology.

Contact: auroannamauroville.org.in or lucasdlauroville.org.in



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Aurodam
Number of houses : 10
Number of people : 16 adults and 3 children
Date of creation : 1976-1977
Guesthouse : yes
E-mail contact : radianceauroville.org.in  c/o Guy
More details :

If you wonder why the community was called Aurodam, here's the simple answer: a dam was built just nearby to prevent erosion from a small canyon. We take care of a small nursery for afforestation around Aurodam (David does most of it).
Since many years Goupi is giving massages here, and a commercial unit called 'Radiance' (interior decoration) has emerged adjacent to Guy's house.

A community kitchen is used for dinners (most of the residents eat there but not all of them); we go to the Solar Kitchen for lunch.

Aurodam is one of the few settlements in Auroville that still have a real community spirit. It's also a central spot for the Japanese GO game.



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : AuroGreen
Number of houses : 4 houses
Number of people : 6 adults
Date of creation : 1975
Guesthouse : No
E-mail contact : charlieAuroville.org.in 
More details :

Aurogreen is one of the oldest Auroville farms. It lies in the Green Belt, on the northeast side of the city. Having started it in 1975, Charlie still manages the farm. It covers about 35 acres of which 2 acres is set up for irrigation and the rest is dry land orchards.

Eight and a half acres of mango, chikku, tamarind, Jackfruit and cashew orchard are grown under dry land conditions. Aurogreen also has a small dairy. The farm supplies mostly to Green Belt residents in its immediate surrounding, and to Pour Tous (AV shop) and the Solar Kitchen.

The water table has gone down drastically over the years and to replace traditional flood irrigation, drip and micro sprinkler irrigation has been installed. A deep well solar pump and a small energy efficient mainline pump supply water for farm. This has resulted in reducing the overall dependency on electricity and the all over water consumption on the farm. 

Charlies' long term goal is to make the farm run economically as a dry land agriculture entity. Current emphasis is on reducing costs and stabilising income. There are no guest facilities with the farm.



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Auromodele
Number of houses : 12 houses
Number of people : 16 adults and 3 children
Date of creation : 1971
Guesthouse : Yes
E-mail contact : palaauroville.org.in 
More details :

Auromodele has about twelve houses in the same style, all built under Mr. Roger Anger's guidance. From the beginning onwards, the plan was to have a communal kitchen but this was never achieved. We don't have an official guesthouse either, but we do enjoy a restaurant in our settlement, and that is 'Roma's Kitchen'.
If you need more information, please contact me (Andre Hababou) via



Housing & Communities

Community name : Auro-Orchard
Number of houses : 1 houses and a storeroom
Number of people : 1 adult
Date the community started : 1965
Guesthouse : No
E-mail contact : gerardorchardauroville.org.in 
More details :

Auro-Orchard, combined with the neighbouring community of Hope, some roads and buildings, and a temple to the god Ganesha, comprises 60 acres of land. It was one of the first pieces purchased, around 1965, by Mother for Auroville, though real development started in 1969 with the connection of electricity, enabling the instalment of two extra bore wells with submersible pumps. At present, about 50 acres are cultivated : Approximately 14 acres under irrigation, growing coconuts, fruits, vegetables, fodder, peanuts, millets and pulses, while on the remaining 36 acres grow cashew and mango, as well as regenerative forest. There is a dairy of 12 cows, heifers and calves, and a poultry of 250 birds. Recently solar powered pumps have been introduced, along with drip irrigation, to reduce the cost of state electricity and cut down on overall irrigation needs.

The initial financial investment in 1969 was paid by the Auroville administration, as it operated in those days, though (with Mother's full support) from the middle of 1969 onwards Auro-Orchard began a new experiment as a "Self-Supporting Unit", developing the farm "acre by acre" by reinvesting all farm profits over the next 12 years. "Lately", says Gerard, the original and ongoing caretaker (Swiss) of this highly productive farm "for different and complex reasons, the profits are declining seriously! In a few years it may, in fact, be difficult to be fully self-supporting."


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