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Buddha Garden
(updated May 2010)


Housing & Communities

Name of the community:    Buddha Garden Community farm
Address :   605101 Auroville, Tamil Nadu
Geographical outlook :   The community was founded in 2000 and is situated in the Green belt.
The area consists of 12 acres of land. Five capsules with sitting room/kitchen and 2 common bathroom/toilet
Present number of members:   

Aurovilians: 1
(There are 8 local apprentices attached to the farm).Other regular guests/members:whoever turns up to work  

Nationalities :   1 British 
Languages spoken :    English, Tamil.
Characteristics of the community :   A place where we work (hopefully consciously) together to grow organic food for the community of Auroville.
For more details and pictures go to www.buddhagarden.org
Regular group activities and happenings:    Work every morning Monday to Friday from dawn until it gets hot. At present 6.15- 9.00am but this varies during the year so check first if you want to come and join in  
Community living:  

There is a community kitchen for guests.

Open to guests:  

Guests very welcome to come and work – just turn up. Minimum stay of two weeks for those who would like to do so.

Cost per day – 150/day (plus work)

Meals – breakfast Monday to Friday (incl.) cooking facilities for other meals

Laundry – taken care of at extra cost

Transport – bicycle available (excl. small repairs from local sources 25Rs per day)

Minimum duration of stay – 2 weeks (long stay for research is possible and warmly welcome)

Others – free to work on other AVFG farm or elsewhere in Auroville

Long-term aims of the community :  

To grow organic food consciously for Auroville and in doing so learn about our own evolution. I dream that a real community of several committed people might one day come to live and work in Buddha Garden.

Tasks of the members inside the community :  

Farm work of all sorts


How do members participate in the life of Auroville;


Work and any other way they feel to get involved

Contact person:   Priya Vincent
Phone nr: 94432 22653

More details : go to www.buddhagarden.org

Download the Information for volunteers


Center guesthouse
(Centre Field)

Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Center guesthouse
Number of houses : 14 houses
Number of people : 3 Aurovilians, 12 employees
Date of creation : Late 70's
Guest houses : centerguesthouse@auroville.org.in
More details :

The Center Guesthouse is not really a community: it's one of Auroville's most popular guesthouses. It's located in the centre of Auroville, at a walking distance from the Matrimandir. We provide a 'homely' atmosphere under a large banyan tree. Most of the rooms are quite simple, with common bathroom. We have 3 rooms with bathroom attached, one with A/C.

Prices range from Rs.300 to Rs. 550 per person per day (exclusive A/C), which includes 3 meals, laundry and cycle rental. Mopeds can be hired from us for an additional charge.



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Certitude
Number of houses : 25 houses
Number of people : 40 (34 adults, 6 children)
Number of nationalities : 10
Number of wells : 2
Date of creation : 1970 onwards
Guesthouse : N/A
More details :

Originally known in the 1970s as 'Auroson's Home', the community (located entirely in the GreenBelt, south-south-east of the Matrimandir) was renamed in 1978 to avoid the confusion between the house/building of 'Auroson's Home' (one of the first buildings in Auroville, certainly the first in the area) and the rest of the community. The inspiration for the name came from a photo of the Mother illustrating that particular state of being. It seemed appropriate for a community which had by then established its permanency, with proper houses as opposed to the keet structures which were still then being put up in other parts of Auroville, and was now feeling 'certain' of itself and its future as a residential site within the greater community. (At one point it got the nickname 'Seven Fridges' at a time when there was a well-known GreenBelt area known as Seven Banyans!)


(updated January 2008)


Housing & Communities

Name of the community:    Creativity
Address :   605101 Auroville, Tamil Nadu
Geographical outlook :   Founded in August 2001, on 2 acres of land in the residential zone.
The 1715 sq.m building comprises of five blocks that average five apartments; plus common office, arts atelier, activities hall, library, computer room, kitchen and laundromat.    
Present number of members:    Aurovilians: ca. 24
Children: 3
Newcomers: ca 5
And 7 guests during the season.  
Nationalities :  

Liable to change:

7 residents from India,
5 residents from Germany,
3 residents from the USA,
1 resident from Holland,
6 residents from Italy,
1 resident from Bolivia,
1 resident from France,
1 resident from Australia,
3 resident from Spain,
1 resident from Canada, 
1 resident from Ukraine

Languages spoken :    See above
Characteristics of the community :  

Creativity is an Auroville microcosm for people from various cultures, who are willing to live with common means and trust in each other; they are of various ages, singles or couples, and children.

Residents agreed to a charter about no personal ownership of spaces, combined with a willingness to share and to aim for intercultural harmony.

The whole building (but for laundry) was wired for future solar current. The community maintains a waste water treatment plant and has an ecological attitude towards the use of water. The treatment plant generates water for irrigation.

Household waste is separated and organic material is used in compost for plants in and around the community.

As of December 2007, Creativity resident meetings draw more than half of all.  
Regular group activities and happenings:    Meetings and regular community dinners.   
Community living:  

More than half of the residents are involved in running the community on a daily basis; with the aid of a small team of shared workers.

Common infrastructure:   Wireless, waste water treatment.   
Open to guests:  

All facilities and activities, except residents meetings.

Long-term aims of the community :   Fulfilling Mother's ideas on living in Auroville.   
Tasks of the members inside the community :   Wastewater treatment, accounts, gardening, guesthouse, computers, supervising workers, mail collection, building maintenance, drink-water checks, wireless network, electricity, organizing meetings, common email, cooking schedules.

How do members participate in the life of Auroville;

  Most have full time Auroville jobs, some work voluntarily in Creativity or in AV at large.   
Contact person:   Contact secretary:

More details : go to AV Today May 2005
or to "Creativity, an experiment in collective housing"



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Dana
Number of houses : 12 houses and 2 newcomer houses
Number of people : 27 adults and 10 children
Date of creation : 1982
Guesthouse : N/A
E-mail contact : claude@auroville.org.in 
More details :

Dana means 'gift' in Sanskrit. This community, at the very entrance of the Cultural Zone, was started by some members of a theatre troupe who used to perform and live in Auroville. By now, most of them have left.
Dana is worth visiting for its pottery (there are three of them now), still using manual techniques and wood fire.
Just behind the residential part of Dana, on one side the Greenbelt starts and on the other side a large, new sports complex is coming up, where all children from Transition School have their daily sports activities at 4 pm. This makes the place lively and a bit noisy till 6 pm, after which the community returns to its original peace.
The houses in Dana are very different from each other since most of the people who built there were artists and had their own ideas on what they wanted.



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Discipline
Number of houses : 3 houses
Number of people : 5 adults
Date of creation : 1968
Guesthouse : Yes
E-mail contact : meike@auroville.org.in 
More details :

Since the beginning of 1994 Jeff (Australian) has been running Discipline farm (begun by the residents around 1968 with intensive soil-building input), which is situated near the village Alankuppan, on the northern edge of the Greenbelt. The farm consists of 34 acres of land; 1-2 acres irrigated crops such as fruits (coconut, banana, guava, chikoo and citrus), cow fodder and vegetables, all linked to an extensive drip system and solar pump set, and 5 1/2 acres of dryland, mainly mangos. The rest is forested. There is a dairy of 8 cows, 4 heifers and a small poultry. The farm annually grows monsoon-fed red rice, and occasionally other field crops like millets and sesame. They are gradually increasing the number of fruit tree varieties. The community has begun using a biogas converter, donated by CSR, for its cooking fuel needs. Accommodation for farm volunteers is sometimes available.
Not all people living in Discipline take care of the farm. Some have a very different work in other areas of Auroville.



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Djaima
Number of houses : 12 houses and a big newcomer complex (17 apartments)
Number of people : 20 adults and 5 children
Date of creation : 1978
Guesthouse : N/A
E-mail contact : sidusha@auroville.org.in 
More details:

The place started with 16 acres of land meant for an experiment on ecological farming. Until recently this was quite a success, but nowadays none of its residents is into farming. Little by little, the horses, the cows, the chickens, all that made this place a farm, disappeared.
Djaima, which has very good topsoil, still has a great fruit garden (mango trees, papaya, ramfall, sitafall, orange, guava trees) and some vegetables.
They have a solar panel powered pump set on their bore well, with an electric generator as a backup. The project is not self-supporting at this time but Kumar would like to extend the operation with more cows and more intensive cultivation of the land.



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Douceur
Number of houses : 7 houses
Number of people : 12 adults and 6 children
Date of creation : 1970
Guesthouse : N/A
E-mail contact : N/A
More details :

Douceur is essentially a residential community with self-contained houses. The well known and much appreciated Auroville Bakery is located in this settlement as well.



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Existence
Number of houses : 2
Number of people : 4
Date of creation : 1978
Guesthouse : No
E-mail contact : No
More details:

The people living here are Ana from Spain and her 2 daughters. Ana is an artist (photos and drawings; and Matriprasad (from France) is involved in
We lead a simple life, practice sadhana, refrain from publicity, and hope you can respect this.



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Felicity
Number of houses : 5 houses (2 guesthouse, 1 newcomer unit)
Number of people : 2 adults
Date of creation : 1990
Guesthouse : 3 houses which can host about 8 guests
E-mail contact : N/A
More details:

Felicity consists of 5 plots with private houses. They share the water-well.
Only two of the houses are occupied by Aurovilian residents, one house is designated for newcomers, and the others are kept for regular guests.
Juanita from USA takes care of the main guesthouse, and Franco (Italy) has also a small guesthouse on his plot.

The place is very elegant and beautiful, and there are fruit trees all over the place. Juanita loves her little farm and grows vegetables and salads which she happily shares with Auroville.

Each guesthouse has its own fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. Laundry facilities are available.


Fertile Forest

Housing & Communities

Community name : Fertile Forest
Number of houses : one house and one "treatment house"
Number of people : one
Date the community started : end of the seventies
Guesthouse : longtime guest only.
E-mail contact : turiya@auroville.org.in 
More details :

This community started as a field of local crops on which an Aurovilian family came to live. It is at the edge of the forest.
There are no common facilities. The pucca guesthouse, now guesting a Newcomer, has a bathroom, a well-equipped kitchen, two bedrooms, each with two beds, and a covered and close verandah.
There is a shed for the vehicles.
It runs on solar energy only, and there is a large rainwater collection tank, which is to be emptied with a solar pump. However, the solar power is not always enough for the houses and the solar pump.
The 'treatment house' is a small house for massage therapy.
There is a small fruit garden, and many trees and shrubs have been planted. Languages spoken are French, English, Spanish, and Italian.


Fertile Windmill

Housing & Communities

Community name : Fertile Windmill
Number of houses : Twelve, including guesthouses
Number of people : permanent six
Date the community started : 1971
Guesthouse : Yes, seven with bedding for twelve people
E-mail contact : vijay@auroville.org.in 
More details :

We have a common kitchen. It is used only for the guests when we have any, and to make the tea for the workers. We have two sets of solar panels, now a bit old and not in very good condition. If I use their electricity for the computer nobody else has any electricity at night, so I am forced to charge some batteries with a noisy generator to be able to use the computer. We have hundreds of fruit trees, mainly mangoes and guavas. However, as the land was pretty dead and without any topsoil when I first came, and because the water level is very low, we don't get all that many fruits. We have just come to see the trees as forest trees, which also give us occasionally some fruits..

For guests we have two capsules (bamboo-thatch structures) for 150 rupees a day, and ferrocement domes for Rs 200 - 250, including three meals a day.

Basically, the Fertile Windmill settlement passed through several stages:
1971 to the end of 1974 - pioneer stage - Mother sends names to plant trees - I lived in a 200 rupees capsule and walked every day to the neighbouring Fertile community to get a pot of water until the Windmill came up. Began joyfully planting a zillion trees.
End 1974 to middle of '76 - I go to Australia to make some money to plant more trees.
Middle 1976 to about 1983 - I came back from Australia with Dee (now Bhavana) and Ann, more and more tree planting, fencing and bunding the land, up to close to the Matrimandir and to Kottakarai, anti-erosion and water conservation works.
1983 up to 1997 - starting the gemstones and jewellery unit to support Fertile Windmill. Various people came to stay declaring their intention to help. Two are still here. We have learned to be careful to whom to open the door, and hope that, one day, the right people will come. Work consists mostly of earning the money to support the forest and the community.
1997 - The direction is now to make here a Healing centre, and, once another way is found to support the forest and the community, to gradually altogether abandon the commercial activity.



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Fraternity
Number of houses : 13 houses and 1 guesthouse
Number of people : 19 adults
Date of creation : 1975
Guesthouse : 1 small house with 2 beds
E-mail contact : N/A
More details:

Situated close to Kuilapalayam (a large village in Auroville's bioregion), the purpose of this community was to be a centre for the villages' development (training, employment, education), to be instrumental towards improvement in nutrition, hygiene and standard of living.
It now has become an industrial settlement where several handicraft units (garnments, hand made paper, printing…) are settled. The community has a residential part and a part for the working spaces.
Behind the working area is the Youth Camp which is a guest house for low/middle budget.



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Gaia
Number of houses : 8 houses
Number of people : 10 adults and 14 children
Date of creation : In the 70's
Guesthouse : No
E-mail contact : N/A
More details :

Located close to the Matrimandir, Gaia was started as a semi-greenbelt settlement with the aim to regenerate the land and develop the Mahakali Park. The houses are spaced at least 50 m. apart and there is little communal activity. Members of Gaia essentially act as good neighbours, each doing their own thing in the context of Auroville as they see it!
Gaia uses alternative energy systems, -wind for pumping the water and solar for supplying electricity. Now and then, a dissident member grumbles that life would be easier with electricity from the grid, but so far this movement has not found much support.
It is to be expected however that the concept of Gaia as a community is likely to change given the current development of the Cultural Zone and the Residential Zone which lie on either side of it. This of course is true for any community that started as an isolated entity but is now about to be 'engulfed' by Auroville's growth.


Gaia's garden

Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Gaia's garden
Number of houses : 3 houses
Number of people : 5 adults
Date of creation : End of 1998
Guesthouse : 7 units that can host about 10 guests
E-mail contact : N/A
More details :

Gaia's Garden is an ecological settlement. They take great care of the gardens and have many plants, and use solar power as well as conventional power supply. It has one big guesthouse mainly for long-term guest or newcomers.
Guests can share the community kitchen and dining room, but have to arrange for the food supply and preparation themselves. There is space for about 10 persons. All the rooms have a private shower and bathroom. Prices go from 120 to 500 rupees a day, depending on the unit.

Besides the guesthouse, there are two private houses. Some three years ago we separated from Auromodele because we felt that we had nothing in common with the residents there, although our houses have the same kind of structure.


(updated 20.01.2008)


Housing & Communities

Name of the community :   Grace
Address :   Auroville, 605101 Tamil Nadu
Date of creation :   1978
Geographical outlook :  

The area is situated in the Residential Zone, and it consists of
acres of land and of 27 buildings (25 residences, including 2 newcomer units, + Garage + waste disposal )

Present number of members :   Aurovilians 39 (including 7 children and 3 young people).
Children 7. Young people 4.
Newcomers 4 (including 2 youths)
Other regular members 3 (including 1 young person) (Resident worker family)
Total number of residents (as of 20.1.08): 47
Nationalities :  

Australian 1
British 3
Canadian 2
French 5
German 6
Indian 14
Italian 8
Korean 3
Netherlands 1
Russian 1
Spanish 1

Languages spoken :   See above; ‘Indian' includes at least Hindi and Tamil, maybe more ...
Characteristics of the community :   Residential area for people who are working for Auroville
Regular group activities and happenings :  

None - occasional residents' meetings

Guesthouse :   No Guest facilities
Community living :   Residents cooperate in various ways to maintain the shared environment and a harmonious atmosphere within the settlement
Common infrastructure :  

Fenced compound;
Well, pumps, underground and overhead water-tanks;
Waste-water treatment plant;
Composting area;
Outdoor laundry area;
Garage with mail-box;
Waste-disposal area;
Central park with badminton court

Tasks of the members inside the community :


Maintenance of common
(supervision of community worker(s);
maintenance of water-supply,
waste-water treatment, composting, solid waste disposal, collection of mail, harvesting and distribution of fruits ...)
Maintenance of the shared account

How do members participate in the life of Auroville :

  All Grace residents are working in one group or another for the development of Auroville - apart from the children and young people who are getting educated, and the resident worker, who helps maintain the settlement itself.
Contact :  

Tf. 262 2149

More details :

Grace is located in the residential zone and is more a 'neighbourhood' than a community. The people living here all like and appreciate each other, but don't do very many things together, each having his/her own field of activity (architecture, teaching, musicians, translators, painters, working at Matrimandir etc..). Whenever a policy decision needs to be taken, or some problem needs to be solved, we have a community meeting in one of our houses or out in the open, some 4, 5 times a year. A large water recycling plant is functioning perfectly and one house is entirely solar empowered.
At the entrance of Grace there lives a Tamil family who are our friends of many, many years.


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