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Housing & Communities

No more existing.


(updated May 2005)


Housing & Communities

Community name :   Hope
Phisical outlook :   2 acres of land, in the Green Belt Key Hole area
Number of buildings :   6
Number of people :   2 Aurovilians
Nationalities of origin :   German
Date the community started :   1970
Characteristic of the community :  

Workshop for Tailoring
Workshop for carpenter, restoration of Antiques.
Showroom for own products

Languages spoken :   German, English, Tamil
Guesthouse :   No
Contact :  

Coco and Clemens ,
tf. 2622175, 2622408, 2623562, 9443220174




Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Invocation
Number of houses : 1 block with 14 apartments
Number of people : 20 adults and 3 children
Date of creation : April 1998
Guesthouse : No
E-mail contact : rolf@auroville.org.in 
More details :

The common wastewater treatment plant for the apartments of Arati, Surrender and Invocation is situated at the entrance of Invocation, where all landscaping is undertaken with recycled water only. Recycled water is also pumped to the communities of Arati and Surrender for their gardening purpose twice a week each.



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Isaiambalam
Number of houses : 3 houses
Number of people : 5 adults
Date of creation : 1979
Guesthouse : Yes
E-mail contact : No
More details :

Besides self-contained residential houses and a guesthouse, this community has the (leather, crochet and knitting) workshops of the Auromics trust. It has a business atmosphere with around 100 local villagers coming there to work daily. The community was started in 1975.
Also the Isaiambalam School is in this area.



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Kalabhumi
Number of houses : 4 houses, 1 music studio, 4 sculpture and painting spaces and 1 store room with a big tank on top.
Number of people : 5 adults
Date of creation : May 1994
Guesthouse : N/A
E-mail contact : corona@auroville.org.in 
More details :

Kalabhumi is in the heart of Auroville's Cultural Zone. It is to be the beginning of an artist settlement with studios for fine arts and music, performing arts, youth ateliers etc. The four residents of the community are artists themselves and they take care of the place. There are no guest and/or community facilities. The atmosphere is friendly.


Kottakarai Farm and orchard

Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Kottakarai Farm and orchard
Number of houses : 3 houses
Number of people : 3 adults and 2 children
Date of creation : May 1974
Guesthouse : No
E-mail contact : No
More details :

Kottakarai Farm

A long-time agricultural area in Auroville, Kottakarai Farm is managed by Sundaram and Amudha (Tamil) of the Kottakarai settlement. The soil is very good, with 2 acres of irrigated land, 2 acres suitable for dryland farming, 3 acres of orchard and some forest. They are growing vegetables and rice, traditional millets and pulses and some oilseeds. The farm produce goes to a lunch scheme at Isaiambalam School, a bakery and provisions shop, and a food processing and research center. With so many related industries in the immediate area the farm is very much appreciated.

Kottakarai Orchard

The orchard is a 1 acre plot of land in the centre of the Kottakarai area, begun in 1974. The orchard contains 93 fruit trees, with other small areas of banana and papaya. The main harvest comes from the 25 mango trees of 6 varieties. Other fruits include lemons, limes, pomelo, grapefruit, guava, chikoo, starfruit, bullock's heart, pitanga, bhelfruit, kumquat, coconut and breadfruit. There is one cow and one calf.


La Ferme
(updated May 2005)


Housing & Communities

Community name :   La Ferme
Phisical outlook :   Few acres of land, in the Key Hole area
Number of buildings :   11
Number of people :   10 Aurovilians + 6 children
+ 1 Newcomer + 3 Guests/members
Nationalities of origin :   Indian, French, German, American/Israeli
Date the community started :   1970
Characteristic of the community :   Residential. Farming.
Food processing. Rock climbing.
Regular group activities :   Rock climbing
Shared facilities :   Workers
Long-term aims of the community :   Residential. Farming
Tasks of the members inside the community :   The production unit takes care of mantaining the community's land, water system, electricity grid
How do members participate in
the life of Auroville :
  They work in various projects and activities in Auroville
Guesthouse :   No
E-mail contact :   Olivier, tf. 2622212

More details :

A mix of Tamilians and Westerners, living a rather individualistic life style but managing pretty well while dealing with the different problems and situations a community goes through over the years of its development.
La Ferme Cheese unit, which started in '88, is steadily developing, employing around 25 people (Aurovilians & locals) and producing an average of 50kg/day of a variety of cheeses and dairy products.



Housing & Communities

Community name : Light
Number of houses : 1 house and a storeroom
Number of people : 2 adults
Date the community started : June 1988
Guesthouse : No
E-mail contact : No 
More details :

Two Aurovilians from Germany are living here; one is taking care of the Service Farm located at the far west side of Auroville, while the other works at Matrimandir. A worker/watchman family (Tamilian, 2 adults, 2 kids) also lives in this settlement, which is located in the Pitchandikulam forest area, where Aurovilians have planted a forest from the early 1970's onwards.

'Light' itself is a purely residential area in a small corner of the forest (appr.1 acre). It is solar powered, with a windmill for pumping water.



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Madhuca
Number of houses : 7
Number of people : 14, including children
Date of creation : 29 February 1996
Guesthouse : No
E-mail contact : chali@auroville.org.in
More details :

Madhuca is a community of individual houses built quite close together for medium to high-density living. For continuity sake, the building materials were commonly agreed upon, but the design was left up to the individual and whichever architect he/she chose to work with. The settlement has a wastewater treatment plant, a common parking area/garage/storeroom, a community well (shared with Sukhavathi across the road) and common water storage tanks with solar pumps attached. We are trying to complete the process of setting up our common alternative energy system. We have solar panels, submarine batteries, and even a wind generator, but are still lacking the necessary inverter/s. Our aim is still, as it has been from the beginning, to be an alternative energy community. There are no community activities as such, like meals, but there is definitely a good atmosphere of cooperation, respect and trust among the residents of Madhuca.


Matrimandir Nursery

Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Matrimandir Nursery
Number of houses : 6 houses and a boarding house
Number of people : 12 adults and 3 young boarders
Date of creation : 1970
Guesthouse : N/A
E-mail contact : N/A
More details :

This is not so much a community as a special work place - a nursery that nurtures plants for the Matrimandir Gardens. The people living here, however, do not all work in the nursery, while many people from other parts of Auroville come here daily to work! As a place to be in, to live or to work, the Matrimandir Nursery is simply wonderful: filled with the scents and colours of hundreds of different flowers, which come to bloom each season.
The Illaignarkal School and its boarding facility is also located here.


New Creation

Housing & Communities

Name of the community : New Creation
Number of houses : 32
Number of people : 84 people
Date of creation : 1983
Guesthouse : yes
E-mail contact : andre@auroville.org.in 
More details :

The New Creation settlement was started with in view to give to our 'first Aurovilians' (i.e. the local people present on the Auroville land) a bridging place where they slowly and gradually could become aware that Auroville is for all people of good will and that, if they are willing, they can become citizens themselves. The best approach to that was to create an educational environment, like a primary school, boarding and sports facilities.
In order to meet the financial needs to run an undertaking where everything is free, including a Primary school for 240 children and a school with 30 small kids in a new 'Free Progress' experiment, we have created several income generating activities such as guests facilities and a restaurant. We're also giving support to the local handicraftsmen in by setting up a boutique-like outlet, a website (www.arhandicraft.com) and an export facility where 10% is earmarked for the New Creation community.
In our guesthouses we have 16 double rooms and 4 single rooms, all mosquito-proof, with fans, attached bathrooms, and a guest dining room with filter water and kitchen. We provide meals three times a day, our prices vary from Rs.175 to 250 per person including meals and laundry. Special price for students. We have a taxi service and we rent cycles and bikes. There is a gymnasium, a sport ground with volleyball, basketball, 2 tennis courts, a running track and a small swimming pool. The sea is at 5 minutes distance from New Creation.
Rooms booking: andre@auroville.org.in 
Tel. (91) 0413- 622125, Fax (91) 413 622 981
We also have a Taxi service : avtransportserv@auroville.org.in 


New Lands

Housing & Communities

Name of the community : New Lands
Number of houses : 3 family houses, 2 small houses
Number of people : 8 adults and 1 child
Date of creation : 1978
Guesthouse : No
E-mail contact : shivaya@auroville.org.in
More details:

The settlement is solar-powered, has a windmill and is environmentally conscious. We take care of an orchard and vegetable garden as community duty. We like living in the middle of the forest (Greenbelt), surrounded by plants and beauty.
Newlands Forest is part of the nature preserve area called Success Sanctuary.



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Nilatangham
Number of houses : 3 houses
Number of people : 3 adults
Date of creation : 1973
Guesthouse : Yes
E-mail contact : ambre@auroville.org.in 
More details:

Nilatangham, poetic Tamil name meaning 'Moongold' as a symbol for lasting
inspiration.. Its 15 acres of land are divided into two distinct parts, the forest and the orchard. Since the beginning, great energy has been put into establishing a productive vegetable and herb garden.

Its quiet atmosphere is ideal for concentrated work. Nilatangham emphasises a 'DO IT YOURSELF PHILOSOPHY', - not very many employees are seen in its premises.

Guest Introduction Weeks and Newcomer 'Discovery' Weeks are organised from here.


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