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Petite Ferme

Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Petite Ferme
Number of houses : 10 houses
Number of people : 14 adults
Date of creation : 1985
Guesthouse : Yes
E-mail contact : cosmic@auroville.org.in  
More details :

There is a core community plus four houses which have also fall under the same name. The community mainly uses solar power; there is a common kitchen and a big sound room where concerts and sound workshops are taking place from time to time.
There is no farming in this 'Petite Ferme' and hence we're thinking about re-naming the place.

There are two keet houses for guests as well as two rooms (one single 150.- and one 250.- double ).



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Pitchandikulam
Number of houses : 9 houses
Number of people : 8 adults and 2 children
Date of creation : 1973
Guesthouse : Yes
E-mail contact : joss@auroville.org.in 
More details :

Pitchandikulam is an area of 50 acres within Auroville's GreenBelt. Prior to 1973, when Joss began protecting and implementing processes of regeneration on this land, the area was dry and desolate with only a few scattered palm trees. Today it is a peaceful sanctuary of self-regenerating forest with a wide diversity of flora and fauna.

Throughout the years, there has been a strong emphasis on conservation of indigenous plant species. These last years, there has been a particular focus on medicinal plants and a team of young botanists is working with us.

Apart from the 8 permanents residents, 15 workers come daily to help with the forest, the garden, the nursery and the seed bank.

In a sense, the Pitchandikulam area is divided into two separate settlements. Apart from the above described community, there is another residential section with two houses whose Aurovilian occupants work in entirely different fields.

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Pony Farm
(now:AV Riding Center)

Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Auroville Riding Center
Number of houses : 4 houses
Number of people : 6 adults and 2 children
Guesthouse : Yes
E-mail contact : lea@auroville.org.in 

Attention: Pony Farm is going through changes at the moment (July 2008), so some of the information below might be obsolete or not updated.

Please check the ARC page

More details :

The Pony Farm is a farm with 19 ponies and horses, 3 cows, 7 dogs, some cats and some chickens. We give riding classes and do ride-outs. Our main activity is around horses, but we also have some side activities like a vegetable garden, fruit orchard, a little snack bar and a small tailoring unit. We have a flower and plant nursery and want to start a little poultry again for the eggs.

We also have two guesthouses. The price of the guesthouses is Rs 200 per night per person. They are keet capsules (bamboo structured, thatched huts) with small kitchen areas downstairs, including a fridge and all cooking utensils.

We're young, live in a forest area near to the Kottakarai village, and are quite close with the animals.

Our community has a common kitchen but no fixed 'cooking days' or things like that. Anybody living or staying in the place for a longer period of time is supposed to participate in the work, - there are quite a few choices!

We have 8 people from the village working with us on a permanent basis and they help us with the day-to-day upkeep of the place, although we also get a lot of help from people passing through. We give riding classes to about 45 kids from Auroville and to some children from Pondicherry. We organise events and shows from time to time and regularly have full moon rides and other horse related activities.
We are open during the weekend but closed on Tuesdays.

If you want to know anything more specific you can contact me at lea@auroville.org.in

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Housing & Communities

Community name : Prarthna
Number of houses : 2 apartment blocks with 5 apartments each, 1 youth house with 6 rooms (WeDK), and 9 row houses, 3 of which are under construction.
Number of people : 35
Date the community started : First people moved in 1994
Guesthouse : 1 space in Prarthna and 1 room in WeDK
E-mail contact : arlette@auroville.org.in
More details:

The Prarthna (meaning 'Prayer') settlement is very centrally located: it's just a 10-minute walk to the Solar Kitchen. Its residents are a cosmopolitan group, with about 10 nationalities and 3 Indian States represented. We know and like each other and hold community meetings about once a month.
Basically, it's a quite individualistic settlement, but we're making an effort to become more community oriented.

WeDK is a youth residency in the Prarthna area where 6 young adults live together as a small community (common living space, kitchen and dining room, shared bathrooms). Once a week, each of them in turn cooks a meal for dinner. It's a very friendly atmosphere and the people living in this building all know each other very well. At a certain moment they decided to have an own identity and searched for a name for their community but couldn't find anything better than We Don't Know (WeDK). The place is now known as WeDK, pronounce WeeDeeKay, and the contact address is bobby@auroville.org.in 



Housing & Communities

Community name : Prayatna
Number of houses : 4 blocs (19 rooms) and a newcomer house
Number of people : 17 adults and 7 children
Date the community started : 1995
Guesthouse : Yes, 3 rooms
E-mail contact : partha@auroville.org.in 
More details :

We have 3 rooms for guests, they have to share the bathroom and toilet but it's clean and cheap: 60 rupees a day (twice less for students), including laundry. We have a community kitchen where everyone can cook his or her own meal, and we take lunch in the Solar Kitchen.



Housing & Communities

Community name : Protection
Number of houses : 2 houses and the Auroville Dental Centre
Number of people : 4 adults and 2 children
Date the community started : End of 70 ies
Guesthouse : No
E-mail contact : mani@auroville.org.in 
More details :

Protection is an old community. We used to have a small common kitchen but this was turned into a house after a while. Now two Indian families live there. The Dental Clinic is situated at the entrance of the settlement and you have to go through a little path under the trees to find the houses.



Housing & Communities

Community name : Quiet
Number of houses : 8 houses
Number of people : 9 adults and 2 children and 3 temporarily
Date the community started : Several times, continuously inhabited from`87
Guesthouse : 3 rooms (separate from the Healing Center)
E-mail contact : quiet@auroville.org.in 
More details :

'Quiet' mainly consists of the Quiet Healing Center, and on the side there are Aurovilians living on the land owned by Quiet/Auroville, or leased by Auroville. They almost all are working in the Healing Center.
There aren't really any common spaces as such. Whatever one can call common space is all located in the Quiet Healing Center. As most residents work there, the Center also functions as their meeting place.

The Aurovilians living on site, enjoy a wonderful, quiet place, completely on the other side of the Healing Center. Near their residences, one finds a palm garden at the beachside, bordered by bougainvillea. Meals can also be taken in the Healing Center. Reservations through the Quiet-office only.

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Housing & Communities

Community name : Repos
Characteristics :

light beach-huts facing the sea, set in a large coconut grove garden, ideal for students and backpackers.

8 km from Matrimandir

Focus of area : to offer beach facilities to Aurovilians and guests; café serving fresh juices, salads, other foods & drinks too 
Languages : French, English, Tamil
Guesthouse : Yes : 1 single room, 5 double, 2 large rooms. Comfort range A.

Mosquito nets and fans provided in all the huts. Bathrooms are shared, outdoors, Indian and western style. Electricity 220 V.

Meals are not included, but available at the Snack-bar & Community Kitchen. Cooking own meals is possible, in the community kitchen.

Laundry once a week.

Bicycle and moped available.

Minimum stay 3 days.

Booking on the spot, or by email.

Contact :


More details :

Beach community
Repos is located on the beach. Mother gave it its name, which means 'rest', so we try to provide a restful, peaceful atmosphere, both for Aurovilians and for guests.. Within the Repos settlement itself, it is lush and shady from the many coconut trees that we have planted here throughout the years..

We run a little snack bar with fresh juices, salads, cakes, sandwiches etc.

Guest facility.
It is a rather busy place when the weather is fine. It can be a nice meeting-point for a chat, kids can play around, beach-games can be played, and of course one can swim or sun-bathe (but please in decent clothing, because we should not forget that we are in India).

Various workshops are held by residents: Conscious Evolution with Bhaga,
Nia, Dance, Martial Arts with Philippe & Sabine. 



Housing & Communities

Community name : Ravena
Number of houses : 2 houses
Number of people : 3 adults + 2 youngsters
Date the community started : 1984
Guesthouse : No
E-mail contact : No
More details :

Ravena is a Greenbelt community at the south end of Auroville. There are two houses here - the one of Jaap, who looks after the forest and works with the forest group dedicated to environmental regeneration, and lives there with his wife Ulla and their kids. And there is Janaka's house and its studio. People who come and visit should accept that Ravena is situated in the forest - and we prefer our visitors to come by foot or cycle rather than motor vehicle. 

It is at the edge of the old Forecomers' canyon - which has been largely regenerated by dams, bunding and foresting. There are many birds in the area.





Revelation farm & forest

Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Revelation
Number of houses : 6
Number of people : 5 adults
Date of creation : 1975
Guesthouse : No official guest house but possible lodging (*)
E-mail contact : nathh28@gmail.com
More details :

Revelation is mainly a forested area of 80 acres in the North of Auroville and is one of the oldest, most expansive and beautiful forests in the township.  When building the community facilities in the center, we experimented with various earth construction techniques that have turned out to be durable, comfortable and also very aesthetically pleasing. There is a windmill and solar-powered pumps for water extraction. The property has orchards, a forested park, and a forest sanctuary, preserved as a control zone, which has allowed birds and animals to return and repopulate the areas fauna. 
Our main philosophy and activities centre around holistic conservation comprising of soil, water, biodiversity and knowledge. Considering that this forest was grown by us on desertic red lateric soil, today it stands as a model of eco-restoration and as a tool for education. 

The current project is the construction of a Volunteer/ Student lodging with a collective kitchen.
Revelation is managed by Patrick and Nathalie.

(*) Revelation is not a commercial enterprise, and is not a formal guest house or an hostel. Priority accommodation is given to Volunteers and Students of its works. If space is available  we can host also other visitors willing to experience life in Nature, provided they respect it and donate for their stay a financial contribution to the Forest .

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