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Sadhana Forest

Housing & Communities


Name of the community :

Sadhana Forest

Number of houses :

13 huts for Aurovillians and volunteers

Number of people :

Aurovilians: 2, Children: 2, Volunteers: 20 – 120

Date of creation :


Guesthouse :

Free volunteer accommodation in exchange for work (minimum period of stay: 2 weeks from April 1-November 30, 1 month from December 1 - March 31)

Contact :

email: aviramauroville.org.in  

Telephone: 00-91-413-267-7682/3 or




More details :


Sadhana Forest is focused on growing trees and people. Volunteers from all over the world, as well as Aurovilians, work together in this reforestation community. We are recreating the indigenous forest of our area, the Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest . We practice an eco-friendly way of life including veganism, alternative construction, solar and human powered energy, water resource management, and composting toilets. We offer free accommodation to volunteers, interns, and students in exchange for work. Our experience with volunteers has been fantastic and many past volunteers return to work with us for longer term. The relationship with neighboring villagers and especially their kids is very warm and open. We invite volunteers of all ages and physical abilities, and warmly welcome families with children!!! Free facilities for volunteers include accommodation in huts, the use of bicycles, a small library, wireless internet connection, a small swimming pool, a vegan community kitchen, and a children's playground . Short and long-term internship and study abroad opportunities can be arranged.

"May there be many more forests to grow people”

Samarpan Community

Housing & Communities


Name of the community :


Physical outlook: Located on the beach in front of the ocean

Number of buildings:

2 buildings, 3 huts

Languages spoken:

English, Italian

Date of creation :


Characteristic of the
A good place to rest and reflect and listen to the ocean

Guesthouse :

Yes, 2 studios and 3 basic capsules

E-mail contact :

tf: 0413.2918571 

More details :


"Silence: the ideal condition for progress"
The Mother



SAMARPAN is a Sanskrit word meaning giving yourself completely / to surrender
This little community facing the ocean, provides a safe haven to surrender so we can reflect, renew and reconnect with our true nature.
A special place for people who are looking for silence and simplicity and most of all, to know oneself.

Note:As the place is meant to give an opportunity for a personal progress, smoking and drinking is not suitable.



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Samasti
Number of houses : 16
Number of people : 34 adults
Date of creation : 1987
Guesthouse : Yes
E-mail contact : srimoyiauroville.org.in 
More details :

Samasti is a residential community set up on the outside border of the residential zone. Samasti in Sanskrit means 'collectivity'. As such, the community answers to its name. There is a sweet and friendly atmosphere between its inhabitants, who come from Italy, Brazil, Spain, France, Austria, Holland, India, Germany and the USA.
The community does not have a collective kitchen though some of the members like to come together for lunch at the guesthouse.
A unique feature of this community is that it has the cultural centre Pitanga within its borders. This centre provides facilities for physical development programmes, in particular hatha yoga, dance, massage and physiotherapy.

>> more on architecture


(updated May 2005)


Housing & Communities

Community name :   Samriddhi

Auroville, 605101, Tamil Nadu

Phisical outlook:   The area consists of 16 acres of land, situated in the Green Belt
Number of buildings:   13 buildings
Present number of members:  

Aurovilians: 8
Children: 1
Other regular Members/Guests:
Martin Littlewood & Family (AVI UK)


Argentinian 1
Dutch 1
British 5
German 2

Languages spoken:   Italian, Spanish, Dutch, English, German, French, Tamil
Date the community started :   1975
Number of spaces for Guests :  


Characteristics of the community:   Green work, yoga, silence, pottery, small dairy (1 cow)
Regular group activities and happenings:    

No regular events

Community living:    Some workers are shared
Common infrastructure :   Water, solar pump, windmill
Long-term aims of the community :  

Afforestation, forest maintenance, living on alternative energy, respect of nature.

Which are the tasks of the members inside the community ?    

Forest maintenance, general maintenance, pottery

How do members participate in the life of Auroville


Through work in various places:
Ricardo: carpentry
Annemarie: Avnet and Visitors Centre
Alan: Auroville Today
Karuna: Matrimandir;
Chandra: music, school
Paul: Botanical Gardens, Genius Brothers
Ange: pottery
Biggie: land fund, and other funding projects
Michael: forest group coordinator



More details:

Cannonball flower (Mother’s name: Prosperity)Situated in the middle of the Greenbelt, the main activity of this community is reforestation and farming.
Samriddhi is a Sanskrit word for prosperity on all levels.
In fact there are three Samriddhi's, each one is separately managed financially, and is spelled slightly differently: Samridhi, Samriddhi and Samridi ! However, the official spelling as listed in the Telephone directory is Samriddhi.
It contains a dairy farm and a pottery, grows vegetables and maintains the forest planted since 1976.
Water and electricity are provided by alternative energy.



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Sangha
Number of houses : 4
Number of people : 7 adults and 6 children
Date of creation : January 1991
Guesthouse : No
E-mail contact : alokaauroville.org.in or irenoauroville.org.in 
More details :

'Sangha' is a typical residential community. Its name means 'community' in the sense of a grouping of people with a common aspiration, and we're all good friends. The residents are mostly Italian, and French and Korean, active in education, photography, health, filming and construction.

We have no common facilities at all, and perhaps that's why we remain such good friends! Many people who pass through this place, comment on the 'lightness' of it. We think it may have something to do with the open spaces in the gardens around our houses.


Service Farm

Housing & Communities

Community name : Service Farm
Number of houses : 2 houses
Number of people : 2 adults
Date the community started : 1967
Guesthouse : No
E-mail contact : No
More details:

This location was another of the earliest of the Mother's original land acquisitions. It is located behind Morratandi village, on 12 acres of sandy red soil. Mechtild (German) is the caretaker, with an all-women team of village workers, and she has been helped in the planning and practical running by Walter, a landscape gardener with many years of experience with plants. Mechtild took over the management of Service Farm in 1990. She has been investing in it since then from private funds and with the help of AVI Germany. The farm is not yet self-supporting because the new orchards need years of care before returns can be expected.
A wide selection of fruit trees are grown there, though large parts of the orchard were planted only in recent years and are not yet bearing fruit. They supply fruits mostly to Pour Tous and the local villagers, as well as to the AV food processing units.

The farm has a bore well which supplies water into three tanks with one conventional plus one solar submersible pump. The new solar booster pump system irrigates 6 acres of trees, 600 of which are maintained on an 1800 drip grid.
Here also work has begun to improve irrigation facilities, by installing drip irrigation, economising water use.



Housing & Communities

Community name : Shailam (previously known as Sailam)
Number of houses : 7 houses
Number of people : 7 adults
Date the community started : 1995
Guesthouse : Yes, 1 apartment
E-mail contact : antonauroville.org.in 
More details :

Shailam is a residential community in the centre of Auroville. It was constructed with the intention to accommodate people who are doing a good job, but who have little or no personal money to build. There is a common kitchen, although lunch and dinner are obtained from the Solar Kitchen next door. Shailam is fully on solar power. There is one guest apartment with two beds which has, like all other Shailam units, two rooms, its own shower and (Indian) toilet. Guests are only taken for a minimum period of one week (some stay many months). The rate is 300 rupees a day for single and 450 rupees for double occupation (in case of longer stay, the amount will be adapted). In this price are included breakfast, a bicycle, laundry service and use of telephone.



Housing & Communities

Community name : Shakti
Number of houses : 4 houses and 2 offices
Number of people : 8 adults
Date the community started : 1985
Guesthouse : No
E-mail contact : walter@auroville.org.in / luc@auroville.org.in
More details :

Shakti started as a nursery and is now a herbarium, which mainly focuses on the indigenous forest of south India. This herbarium is open for all interested who want to do research work in this field. There is also a library of botanical books, which can be consulted at the office.

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Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Sharnga
Number of houses : 12 houses
Number of people : 24 adults and 10 children
Date of creation : February 1977
Guesthouse : Yes
E-mail contact : borgauroville.org.in 
More details :

Sharnga is a fairly large settlement with lush and lovely natural surroundings. Bernard is the founder of the settlement, and originally chose the name of the community, which in Sanskrit is the name of Krishna's bow.

Sharnga guesthouse, run by Bernard (French), can shelter thirty people in different styled rooms, bungalows or houses. We have one single room, eight double rooms with bathroom attached, four bungalows with two rooms a kitchen veranda and little garden, and one family house.
We serve breakfast and dinners every day (French cooking). There is an outside dining area under trees, and an inside facility for rainy days. A little swimming pool for guests and a video room are available too.


Present occupants
Sharnga hosts quite a wide diversity of interests and talents, including 4 musicians (guitarist, saxophonist, violinist, singer), 1 pizzaiolo, 1 solar power specialist, 1 sound engineer, 1 antique dealer, 3 master tailors, 1 masseur, 1 stained glass window maker and several teachers. 
There are 12 families altogether, whose backgrounds are quite mixed: French, German, Italian, Tamilian, Canadian, Dutch and  Australian.

Further details
The original well was bored in the north of the community. Nowadays, 5 families and the guesthouse are connected to it. In 1996 a second well was bored, catering for the needs of 7 families. No house is fully solar, though there is a great interest in becoming so. There are currently only a few solar panels, as it is still a costly matter.
In 1996, three acres of newly bought cashew topes were heavily planted with indigenous species, from creepers to bushes and tall trees. They are not watered, as the aim is that they become self-sufficient, able to recreate in a few years a forest like it used to be in the old days. This particular area is called Sharnga Forest. There is also a small farm with a few cows.


Siddhartha Farm

Housing & Communities

Community name : Siddhartha Farm
Number of houses : 2 houses
Number of people : 3 adults and 4 children
Date the community started : 1995
Guesthouse : Yes (but only for students interested in Farming)

Facility – two double rooms/kitchen and shared bathroom/toilet
Cost per day – Rs. 150 per person (plus ½ day work)
Meals – cooking facilities
Laundry – taken care of at extra cost
Transport – bicycle possible (excl. small repairs)
Work – 4h a day Monday to Friday
Minimum duration of stay – 1 week
Others – free to work on other AV farms

Contact : Herbert: mob: 9003738560, siddhafarm@yahoo.com
More details :

Siddhartha Farm is located in the traditional rice growing region surrounding the Irumbai tank system situated to the west of Auroville. Herbert, his wife Selvi and their two children moved to the farm four years ago and it is they who have been responsible for developing the farm to its present level of activity. A variety of cereals and pulses are grown which include rice, ulundu (black gram) green gram, sesame, varagu and ragi (different sorts of millet and very nutritious). Other products include bananas, cashews and the farm also has a number of cows producing milk. Sugar cane is grown and processed on the farm to make jaggery (whole cane sugar). A variety of other food products including peanut butter, bread, biscuits and Indian snacks are also produced. Priya (British) has recently joined the project, to focus on vegetable production.

There is a dairy, chickens, and a bakery on site which produces whole grain bread and biscuits. The family makes use of biogas for domestic cooking needs. At present they are growing irrigated rice, peanuts and sugarcane, and also traditional crops like red rice, samai, kulu, ulundu, varagu, cambu, ragi and sesame.

Student facilities
On the farm there is a 2-room guesthouse for farm workers, which is run by the Farm Group office, taking applications from volunteers and students abroad.

See also: Auroville Farms



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Silence
Number of houses : 1 house
Number of people : 1 adult (Hans)
Date of creation : in the 1970's
Guesthouse : No
E-mail contact : siddhaauroville.org.in
More details :

Silence is a forest place in the Industrial Zone. The forest is not a commercial one and has a sanctuary character. The trees are mostly Casuarinas, Neem, Work, Tamarind and some Cashew.
Hans lives and works here since 1995. We live exclusively with solar power and also pump our water with solar.
At the end of 1998 we started the production of the worldwide known `Zapper` from Hulda Clark, which kills all parasites. We are working also on other medical and electronic projects like kirlian photography, alternative energy, traffic proposals and astrology.



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Sincerity
Number of houses : 10 house
Number of people : 16 adults and 2 children
Date of creation : in the 1970's
Guesthouse : No
E-mail contact : No 
More details :

Sincerity is a quiet community in the vicinity of Matrimandir. Previously most of Sincerity's residents worked on the Matrimandir but not any more.
The settlement looks a bit like a park in the sense that there is a nice blend of trees and shrubs. There are no guest facilities.



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Solitude
Number of houses : 3 houses
Number of people : 5 adults
Date of creation : 1996
Guesthouse : Only for guest that work in the community

Facility – two capsules with common bathroom/kitchen
Cost per day – Rs. 100 (depending on work)
Meals – use of common kitchen
Laundry – use of common facilities
Work – price of capsule depends on work input
Minimum duration of stay – one week
Others – the best is to first visit the farm

Contact :


0413-262268; 9976681458

More details :

Solitude began in 1996, with the erecting of Auroville's prototypic 'capsules' (huts made of bamboo, casuarinas and thatch) on a segment of fallow farmland surrounding an open well. Still in the first phase of work, 6 acres of land are in use, where they are concentrating on rice production: 30% for irrigated rice, 40% semi-irrigated and 30% for dry land crops. The water is extracted with the use of a solar panel pump set, from an open well at a depth of 11 metres. They keep cows, chickens, and have begun a demonstration compost project.

Situated opposite Siddhartha Farm on the Edayanchavadi Road, Vengadesh (Tamil) supports the move to make good use of this area's potential to provide a healthy atmosphere for food production in Auroville. He is still in need of investment in basic infrastructure such as a storeroom, threshing floor and improved irrigation system. Very basic accommodation is available there for hard working guests!

See also: Auroville Farms


Sri Ma

Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Sri Ma
Number of houses : 6
Number of people : 10 adults and 1 child
Date of creation : 1968
Guesthouse : Yes
E-mail contact :

danieleauroville.org.in , Ph:9443616194

subhasish_n1rediffmail.com or

More details:

Sri Ma guesthouseSri Ma is a quiet, restful and recuperative beach community of six households living harmoniously together sharing a common infrastructure. Of the three guest rooms, one is a detached chalet, and two are in a self-contained first floor apartment. All have a view of the sea, small kitchen space and bathrooms. Laundry facilities are available. Guests will be able to experience life in a small community.



Housing & Communities

Community name : Surrender
Number of houses : 17+ 4 Newcomer studios + AVToday office
Number of people : 31 to 35
Date the community started : 1998 but 3 persons 1 year before
Guesthouse : No
E-mail contact : No
More details:

We receive water from a big tank situated in the residential zone, not very far from the community, and we recycle our wastewater.
There are no common spaces, such as a communal kitchen, because we live at only a 10 minutes walk from the Solar Kitchen. We do share the gardener and the parking lot.


(updated May 2005)


Housing & Communities

Community name :   Sve-Dame

Auroville, 605101, Tamil Nadu

Phisical outlook:   Situated in the Cultural/Industrial Zone
Number of buildings:   12 hauseholds rather than buildings
Present number of members:  

Aurovilians: 11 (without kids)
Children: 5
Newcomers: 2 + child
Other regular Members/Guests:
2 Tamil + 1 Guest


German 7
French 5
Tamil 5
Slovene 2
Swiss 2

Languages spoken:   English, German, French, Tamil
(not often used Swiss German, Slovene, Polish)
Date the community started :   Beginning 80ties
Number of spaces for Guests :  


Characteristics of the community:   Arts and crafts, music…
a lot of green……
Regular group activities and happenings:     Music evenings, art and craft exhibitions and workshops…. sometimes inner work workshops/groups… 
Community living:    We share 2 washing mashines for several households, some people a domestic worker, a watchman in holidays, sometimes food 
Common infrastructure :   Unfortunately 1 electricity line for the whole community (except + household),resulting in highest tariff….1 well with 1 pump
Guests:   All regular group activities are open to guests
Long-term aims of the community :   To establish more common spaces for the above community activities that so far happen in individual homes… 
Which are the tasks of the members inside the community ?     Someone responsible for the community account, someone else for the electricity meters…. 

How do members participate in the life of Auroville


Several people are involved with healing arts (Water therapies, massage, homeopathy, counceling, Reiki) via existing Auroville services or independently, and several with artistic and crafts production,or other services (Solar kitchen, Housing service….)

Contact :  

Tf. 262 3565




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