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Name of the community : Transformation
Number of houses : 9 houses
Number of people : 14 adults
Date of creation : 1980
Guesthouse : N/A
E-mail contact : N/A
More details :

Transformation is a residential settlement in the Cultural Zone.
The gardens are taken care of by a common gardener, which makes them look a bit like a public garden with arrangements of flowers here and there. The people living here enjoy the quietness and peace of the place, although Transition school is just besides it.


Two banyans

Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Two banyans
Number of houses : 1 house
Number of people : 2 adults
Date of creation : 1973
Guesthouse : N/A
E-mail contact : N/A
More details :

The community was started as a small farm in 1973. It is located in Auroville's GreenBelt area and the Aurovilians who live there want to be left in peace to lead their pioneering lifestyle.



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Vérité
Number of houses : 7 houses
Number of people : 9 adults, 1 child
Date of creation : 1/1/1985
Guesthouse : Yes, for 30 people
E-mail contact : verite@auroville.org.in
Vérité Hall


Vérité offers a unique setting for individuals and groups that are searching for living, working examples of alternatives to the conventional approaches to life on this planet.
Vérité features sustainable infrastructure, alternative energy (principally solar), a community-based Guest House, organic garden, orchard and kitchen, and facilities for workshops, classes, retreats and other programs.
Located near the Matrimandir and Kottakarai village, the Guest House offers a variety of accommodations for 30 guests (or groups of up to 20), ranging from capsule huts to bath-attached rooms.
Since its inception in 1985, Vérité has emphasized ecological concerns, health and wellness, spiritual practice and community building in its efforts to develop into a center for integral living and learning. 
Vérité offers varied individual guest rates (depending upon the season and type of accommodation); all include three delicious vegetarian, organic meals per day, laundry service, and the contribution to Auroville. Group rates vary with the season and also include use an orientation tour and use of program/meeting spaces.
Vérité’s entire campus is a “positive health” zone, free of smoking, alcohol and drugs. The solar electricity system means Vérité is free from India’s infamous power cuts, but it is also a place to “unplug”: there are no televisions, mobile phones are used only in designated areas, and to reduce radiation exposure, internet is intentionally not wireless.

The atmosphere in Vérité is much more like an “eco-home-stay” than a hotel:

  1. accommodations are simple rooms with fans, some have attached bathrooms, but most are with shared (detached) bathroom facilities
  2. a guest lounge with kitchenette, phone, and fairly reliable internet connection (bring your own laptop) is open 24/7
  3. throughout the campus, we keep “quiet times” between 9 pm and 7 am
  4. we are environmentally conscious community living on alternative and renewable sources of energy, so there is no use of hair dryers, immersion rods or other high-consuming electrical appliances (laptops, cameras and small devices like i-Pods are fine)
  5. hot water is available, but by bucket from a solar water heater near the bathrooms
  6. we all eat together, buffet-style, in the community kitchen, where the food is vegetarian, organic, and delicious!
  7. everyone helps out, taking care of their own room and dishes
  8. we’re helpful with special needs, but please don’t expect room service
  9. our simple, healthy lifestyle means there is no smoking, no alcohol and no illegal drugs allowed anywhere on the premises

More details about Vérité
The combination of Verite’s health-oriented guest house and programming facilities makes it an appealing place for groups that want both a “home base” from which they can explore Auroville and conducive space for their collective work. 

Vérité has a long history of hosting student groups from academic institutions. In addition, many other learning groups have come with their own faculty to study yoga, massage, sustainability, architecture, dance, meditation, etc. 

For more information, please see the Vérité website: www.verite.in


>> Weekly programs in Verite'



Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Vikas
Number of houses : 42 rooms (approximately)
Number of people : 55 people
Date of creation : 1987
Guesthouse : Yes
E-mail contact : sadrishya@auroville.org.in 
More details :

In one way or another, Vikas has always emphasised collective life. Guests have often felt like a part of the community, especially when there was a majority of French speaking residents, but this has changed now. There are more families and a spirit of life despite the fact that people do not rely on the community support that once existed (community kitchen, meetings, etc.).

Vikas is a very beautiful place and has for the past many years been open without a fence of any kind. It is located in the heart of the future Residential Zone and has a very earthy style of architecture. The people are humble, friendly and interested in simplicity. Most of the community is solar powered, and there is of course a noisy windmill that sometimes breaks down. The community has a heritage of the country feeling of the south of France, but this is just the writer's personal feeling. There have been many experiments in building vegetable gardens, and we have had some quite radical people pass by, but the long-standing residents are idealistic and serve the collectivity of Auroville by and large.

Vikas combines the pioneering spirit of the early days and that special atmosphere of campfire solidarity along with the new trend in Auroville towards experiments in family life. One last thing: people here may not always seem extrovertly happy or optimistic, but there is little question about the sincerity of our inner work here. People in Auroville often have given themselves over to their inner quest, to such an extent that we have no right to judge them by the outward looking eye.


Youth Camp

Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Youth Camp
Number of houses : 1 house, several capsules and a dormitory
Number of people : 5 adults and 1 child
Date of creation : 1992
Guesthouse : Yes, 24 rooms
E-mail contact : rajeev@auroville.org.in 
More details :

The Youth Camp in Fraternity is a place especially created to enable young people (by age or spirit) to come and be together and experience the Auroville Dream. We are surrounded by young Aurovilians, and are adjacent to the New Creation sports ground where a lot of action takes place.
We have a lot of pets, including dogs, cats. They are all friendly! Some of us are into serious wildlife work, with for example the snakes and birds of this area.
We are open to help young people or groups to come and explore Auroville. There have been several youth camps which we have organised for a week or ten days, where the idea is to expose the participants to the various activities that are going on here in Auroville. For this we need of course be contacted well in advance for all the necessary arrangements. We can organise such Camps for maximum 15 people at a time.


Windarra Farm

Housing & Communities

Name of the community : Windarra Farm / TerraSoul Community
Number of houses : 2 houses, 3 capsules, 3 demountable houses. 4 houses/capsules are dormitorys for volunteers
Number of people : 10 adults and 2 children
Date of creation : January 2011
Facility :

We offer nice and clean naturally built dormitorys. Communtity kitchen where volunteers can cook, eat, hangout. We have 3 common bathrooms (2 outdoor)  and 2-3 common dry compost toilets. 
Work – approx. 6 hours daily.
Minimum duration of stay –  2 weeks
Others – long term
volunteers preferred. 
Contribution 200inr. per day including lunch.


Contact :

Sandyra +91 9443619403 
Louise, : +91 84894 17116
Anisha, : +91 9943918851 


More details

In Australian aboriginal, 'Windarra' means: 'A place to live where I can express my soul'.
Windarra Farm has been a cultivated land for around 12 years, and we, The TerraSoul Community, started out here in January 2011. 
We are a learning community. Our holistic approach embraces farming as the ground pillar - added arts, education, renewable energy, music, movement and healing. We enjoy common living, common working, common facilities and common activities.
TerraSoul works on 9,5 acres of beautiful land, divided between forest (2,85), fruit orchard (2,85), vegetable garden and grain fields (2,8) and housing (1).
Our goal is to provide organic food Auroville. 

Volunteers are fully integrated in all aspects of community life and activities

See also: AV Farms page

More info and photos on Windarra Farm (.pdf)


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