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11 days of Global Unity
and Peace in the World 2006


Our Vision

Peace celebration at AV New Creation Bi-lingual School

Meditation for peace under the banyan tree, the soul center of Auroville. Photo by Wim.

Peace gathering in front of the Matrimandir. Photo by Manohar


September 11 to September 21 2006

11 Days of Global Unity is a worldwide promotion of peace and sustainability with music concerts, conferences, film screenings, dance festivals, peace vigils, meditations, webcasts and other events culminating on September 21,
UN International Day of Peace.

Peace gathering in AV Town hall open space. Photo by Wim

In 2001, the UN formally established an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence , fixed in the global calendar on 21 September - Peace Day. The vision of the Day extends far beyond the cessation of violent conflict and represents an opportunity for individuals to join in a day of global unity.

Auroville is also joining this global initiative to promote a culture of peace, to celebrate a sustainable future, and to create a global unity in truth and justice.

Everyone is invited to participate in any way they feel inspired to, and to make a renewed commitment to peace and human unity.

Aum Shanti, Shanti, Shanti


(by Wim)


Photos and collage by Manohar

The event was celebrated in Auroville with 10 days of gatherings, meetings, visions of inspiring and documentary films,
special events in schools, collective meditations,
peace collective breakfasts and dinners,
and a final gathering in the night of September 21
with a collective meditation and chanting
in simultaneously internet connection
with Scotland's Findhorn and California's CIIS communities.

Peace chanting and meditation in internet simultaneous connection with Findhorn and California's CIIS on the night of Sept.21. Photos and collage by Manohar

Auroville was celebrating "Peace One Day" for the Planet,
while celebrating Peace Every Day
in our daily aspiration and practice
towards Human Unity.




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