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Persian Sky

Horse riding for children with special needs

Implementation of a project based on equine-assisted activities

R.E.R.S - Auroville - Tamil Nadu - India



How it all started

In June 2004 on the grounds of RERS within a frame of free activities offered to the children, Marianne took in charge children with emotional, relational problems. Encouraged by positive results and with the help of a physiotherapist and a play therapy teacher, she took in charge a child diagnosed as autistic/hyperactive. After about 6 sessions, one could clearly see improvements in his/her behavior. Passing from a stage of beating the horse, throwing his helmet etc. we saw by then a totally relaxed child on the horse.

Why the horse?

On a physical level it works more than 300 muscles, on a psychological level physical contact and interaction awaken the feelings - the “other” has to be taken into account - and on a relational/emotional level a non-verbal communication between the child and the horse takes place. Every action and response is clear, providing the child with a honest, natural mirror. Interaction with the horse develops new forms of communication and socialization, as well building confidence and self-esteem.

Last but not least the horse adds an image of strength, vitality and dream.

For whom ?

For children with unique needs like autistics and children with emotional/relational difficulties.




Who are we ? 


Persian Sky  is a  lucky  ex-racehorse now part of  a voluntary team composed of one  teacher, one physiotherapist and one psychologist who are also experienced riders.

The project is sustained through donations of well wishers and lessons. It aims at offering that opportunity to children even for those whose parents cannot afford it.

Your donations even small ones will help us to upkeep that project.


For more details and information about our work you can contact :


Marianne Dubouchet

Red Earth Riding School

Auroville 605 101


Phone: +91 413 2622345

Cell : +91 9443 085038

E-mail: jeromarian@auroville.org.in



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