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The Pony Farm in Kottakarai was started in the mid-eighties by Gaya and Achilles. The first ponies to find a home there were those that had previously belonged to individual Aurovilians. Gaya and Achilles left for Germany and Nicolette took over management in the mid-nineties. A few years ago Nicolette in turn left and Lea with her daughter Sara were appointed caretakers.

We are giving riding lessons following a natural approach.

We train and retrain horses by trying to understand the horses' nature and learning how to communicate with them trough body-language instead of forcing ourselves on them.
Our trainings stress on the importance of leadership, communication and relationship between horse and rider.


Pony Farm is the home of nine ponies and eleven horses of different breeds. Many children of Auroville, from ages six to eighteen come to the Pony Farm to take riding lessons. During the school holidays the children spend their days at the Pony Farm, they groom the ponies and horses, clean their hooves, help to feed them, and either take riding lessons or go for ride-outs. If it is a particularly hot day, upon returning the horses are given a bath and after that the children themselves go for a dive in the Pony Farm swimming pool.

Many of the ponies at the Pony Farm have been there since its beginning, and some of them are getting very old, and cannot be ridden any longer, yet they still have to be fed and taken care of.


We started also to take care of horses that otherwise were going to be killed and the older children are helping to retrain them.

Due to this Pony Farm of course grows quickly now so we are running out of room and are also planning to rebuild it on a bigger place.


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