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It was still raining when I got to the community of Acceptance to keep my appointment for an interview with Auroshe. With a bit of difficulty I found her house and there she was, with her two daughters Arti and Aswini.. We sat down for a talk after both girls were fast asleep.

Pooja reports:


Adopted into in Auroville

Born in the village of Kuilapalayam in 1972, Auroshe (pronounce Auroshee) was adopted by a French Aurovilian lady at a very early age. As her parents had been working closely with Aurovilians Varadharajan and Shyama, who were liaising between the Mother and the villages around Auroville at the time, the latter took her to the Mother for blessings and naming.

We read in Shyam Sunder's 'Down Memory Lane' where he reports on 13.3.72:

"The parents of the child born at Health Centre on 8.3.72 want the name to come from Mother as the child was born in the Mother's city. Mother gave the name 'Auroshe' and wrote the names of the parents. Then she made another copy for the child's parents."


Up till the 8th class, Auroshe attended New Creation school where, at the time, only Tamil kids were studying. Those were her first years and impressions of life in Auroville,

Auroville Health Center

"After school I wanted to do something more with my life and did a course in Nursing after which I followed a training with Dr. Lucas of the Auroville Health Center. This way I got to know more about this field of work, and I worked in the Health Center for a while. In the meantime I got married with another Aurovilian, Jayavel who works in Altecs, and since the arrival of our girls I only take care of the reception desk of the Health Center in the mornings.

Family life

Presently my main focus is on building the future for my girls and taking care of them. Arti is the oldest one and attends Auroville's Kindergarten. She likes to paint and I have put up her paintings on the wall of our house to encourage her.
The caring for my family takes up the major part of my days but, luckily, the times for us Tamil women are changing, certainly here in Auroville! Our families, who didn't become Aurovilian and continue living in the villages, have become very supportive. My mother-in-law takes care of Arti and Ashwini when I work in the Health Center or go to aerobics. I am really happy she can do this as these days it frightens me to leave the children for a moment alone or go anywhere on my own, because of the increasing number of thefts and burglaries happening in Auroville.


After the birth of my children I had put on a lot of weight and I joined, together with two other Tamil girls, the aerobics classes by Grace and Bobby in New Creation, which definitely helped a lot. I was able to get rid again of my sluggishness and feel healthy and active all day long! It's only thanks to my mother-in-law that I could do this. She took the responsibility of looking after the girls, even though aerobics are traditionally totally unknown here and she has no idea what we're doing there! Also my husband had to get used to the idea..!

Presence of the Mother

I feel the presence of the Mother in everything that is here in Auroville and everywhere where I go, so that makes everything easy and pleasurable. I hope Auroville will always remain the way it is, and that if changes happen it will only be for the better. Life in Auroville is out of the ordinary.. It's so much more satisfying and delightful for me than it would have been anywhere else. I can't of course really compare it with life in Kuilapalayam village because I haven't spent much time there since I was adopted at an early age.

New house

Auroshe and her husband are now rebuilding their house and are busy with the construction workers and deciding what goes where and how everything is to be done.. One also sees the beginnings of a scenic garden that is coming up in front of her home.

That was the end of my meeting with Auroshe, and when I came out of her house it had stopped raining and the sun was coming out too.

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