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Litter Free Auroville's
Trashion Show  

transforms trash into catwalk-ready creations






AUROVILLE, 29 Jan.  2010

Friday night 27 designers displayed clothes and accessories  made only from waste materials in a "Trashion" Fashion Show, the  grand finale of the Litter-Free Auroville campaign to encourage  recycling and waste reduction.

The designers, who  came from Auroville and all around India , transformed a wide range  of recycled materials including vinyl records, cassette tapes,  tetrapak juice boxes, bubblewrap, rice sacks and  plastic shopping bags, into stunning catwalk-ready creations.  Materials for the clothes and accessories came primarily from  Auroville's Eco-Service (Auroville's solid waste management  organization), factory waste and household trash.

Highlights  included:
-  Origami-folded magazine-page dress, with woven tetrapak boots and  skirt with apple-packing foam leaves as hair decoration; designed by  Jyotis Feraud.

- Handbags featuring  complete inset vinyl records and audio cable shoulder straps;  created by Korean designer OK;
- Shredded plastic  wedding dress; designed by local unit Auromode:

-  Victorian-era-inspired woven packing plastic see-through hoop skirt  and bodice; created and modeled by French designer Arlet.

- Woven  cassette-tape handbags; designed by Roberta Keeping.
- Tasseled skirt and  top made from adhesive-strip peel off backing and woven plastic;  designed by Gabbi & Dotti.

- Unique rice-bag  poncho with hood, created and modeled by Johnny Allen.

"The Trashion Show  demonstrated that materials normally considered throwaway can be  made into ultra-fashionable, catwalk-ready creations and much more,"  said Jesse Fox-Allen.  "The hope for this event and the whole  campaign was to encourage people to waste less and reuse materials  in creative, practical ways. If many people embrace these simple  principles, we will see a significant positive difference to  human-environmental impact."

Litter-Free  Auroville initiated by Soma Waste Management, a group  of young Aurovilians. The LFA is a huge awareness campaign  meant to kick-start new positive waste management practices and to  demonstrate that every individual and community can make a change.  It has been a massive success and over 1600 people attend the  festivities.


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