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Update August 30, 2011




The spirit of AV Ultimate Frisbee

Hey there,

To try & help keep the community up to date & connect ultimate players in India, here is some new material from ultimate disc in Auroville.

- In July, we won the Bangalore Open which was quite an uplifting experience for the team, with a nice write up in the July 16th News&Notes.

- There will be another Auroville Hat tournament held February 4th & 5th, 2012 (with details similar to 2011 with a new team logo)

- Chennai, then Delhi will be hosting the next tournaments.
Delhi would like us to have a link to their new website at http://delhiultimate.in/

The other websites connecting ultimate throughout India are: Chennai - http://chennaiultimatefrisbee.com/
Ahmedabad - http://ultimate.indicorps.org/
Bangalore - http://www.bangaloreultimate.com/

Hopefully this is some useful material to share with the community & helping to make information this sport more accessible to people here in India. cheers, Mark



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