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Health and Integral Yoga

The subject of health was addressed extensively by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother on many different levels of the individual being, from the physical to the mental to the psychic/spiritual levels. 'Health' is an important aspect of the Integral Yoga which has the aspiration towards the transformation of the body being guided by evolutionary forces. In this light, health crises of various sorts can sometimes be perceived as part of the transformatory process. For the individual, the maintenance of his or her health and dealing with health crises can be perceived as an opportunity to learn more about physical/mental/psychic balance on the spiritual path, one more aspect of the unending education one submits oneself to in Auroville. (read more)


Integral yoga

This yoga accepts the value of cosmic existence and holds it to be a reality; its object is to enter into a higher Truth-Consciousness or Divine Supramental Consciousness in which action and creation are the expression not of ignorance and imperfection, but of the Truth, the Light, the Divine Ananda (Bliss). But for that, the surrender of the mortal mind, life and body to the Higher Consciousness is indispensable, since it is too difficult for the mortal human being to pass by its own effort beyond mind to a Supramental Consciousness in which the dynamism is no longer mental but of quite another power. Only those who can accept the call to such a change should enter into this yoga.

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Different schools of yoga

Auroville offers possibilities of learning and practising different schools of yoga techniques and attitudes, and here we try to give some indications on them.
(This section of the page is work in progress, and we welcome contributions from all yoga schools in Auroville)


Ashtanga yoga

Ashtanga Yoga is a method of yoga that involves synchronizing breath with movement [vinyasa], a focused gaze [dristi] and internal locks [bandahs]. The result is a dynamic and challenging sequence of postures that flow one after the other, not unlike a dance. This practice produces intense internal heat and a profuse sweat that purifies and strengthens the body, resulting in a sense of balance, grounding and centeredness.

The discipline finds its natural place within the context of Sri Aurobindo's Integral Yoga, as practiced in Auroville. "The body is not to the Hatha Yogin a mere mass of living matter, but a mystical bridge between the spiritual and the physical being." (Synthesis of Yoga , Ch. XXVII)

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