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Year 2002

The Youth That Never Ages


(The unofficial mini-encyclopedia of Auroville youth)

"In our children we hear the message of God and to them we give our highest divinity and deepest love."


Here we explore the youth who will be there when we are gone, who will carry the spirit of humanity when another generation has passed, and who will seek what we never dared. They (not we) are the children of dawn, they are our future and spring, everything we do and have done will become theirs, everything we have created and song we have sung in the end is for them, they will tend the jewels of the past and create more beauty than we ever imagined possible.

Here, in no particular order, some biographies of the Auroville youth: (I have tried to include all that is beautiful and ennobling, however the diversity of the beauty of each is impossible to express.) At times I purposefully glamorize what little I know of each, to extend the appreciation to them all, we must not underestimate or undervalue the gifts of youth compared with our precious egoistic 'life experience.'




1. Aaron

15. Mirabelle

29. Mael

2. Angeli

16. David

30. Cameron

3. Vika

17. Angelo

31. Geo

4. Jonas (big)

18. Lila

32. Kalrav

5. Hilde

19. Fabien

33. Jivatma

6. Silas

20. Aron

34. Aryan

7. Kiran

21. Bettina

35. Sara

8. Sukesh-Aken

22. Torbjorn

36. Blanche

9. Gayatri

23. Heba

37. Suryamayi

10. Chandra

24. Valentine

38. Julien

11. Anadi

25. Aurelia

39. Arseni

12. Bhakti

26. Milla

40. Rishi

13. Lucia

27. Aris Miles

41. Perceval

14. Matteo

28. Zubin

42. Marie-Alexia




I will never forget that picture of Aaron and Angeli together. They look as if they are stars or souls of light looking down on us with understanding and radiant delight, to be alive, to be with us. Aaron is at once a mystical being and a revolutionary one; a cultured and refined fellow yet something of the non-conformist in him is brightly showing.

Aaron has the keen intuition that he is going to be something and the insight to make it happen. His curiosity for life is strong and yet his individuality is just waiting to come forth and surprise the world with its brilliance. Aaron is gifted in the spoken word and has the human touch in its entire splendor. ]



Angeli is a direct and fearless person, with a great amount of inner strength. She has a strong instinct for self-mastery and her character is inclined towards the perfectionist model that is extremely efficient, methodical and tireless in the pursuit of the high standards she sets as her aims.

At times she is reserved but she feels deeply and knows the compassion that heals all sorrow. She is gifted with a practical initiative that leads her intuitively to act when needed, with the right emphasis in the light of Mahasaraswati's skill and order.



Vika is nearly twenty yet she has already found her equilibrium and a psychological maturity combined with a philosophical insight. In the recent Avtoday issues of June/July, 2002 that displayed the poetry of Aurovilians, hers stands out.

Vikas is a motivated and grounded youth with plenty of healthy realism combined with a sharp perception and an ever present ability to regenerate her life. She exhibits a cheerful and humanitarian disposition with a self-disciple that tends towards utilitarianism and service to the greatest cause, whatever that might be in the moment.



Well, here is our best candidate for Spinoza reincarnated (never mind). Jonas carries with him all the best of youth: cooperativeness, sensitivity, modesty, aesthetics, a certain wisdom, a freshness of thought, healthy rebelliousness and the spirit of the creator.

Jonas besides being an incredibly gentle and refined being, is like one of those Greek dramatists who delighted in liberalism, free-thinking and even perhaps shocking his audience with some friendly irony or witty sarcasm. Jonas is gifted for his receptivity; he is in tune with the higher planes of inspiration to a most unusual and creative degree.



I have seen many teenagers come into being but Hilde personifies an early maturity and a faithful blend of common sense, power of purpose and self-restraint. She is no 'pushover', adhering to a strict ethical code or possessing an illumined moral sense. The full boons of productivity and clarity are her tools for progress and certain success.

There are no reasonable limits on what she may achieve, for she combines a pursuit of excellence, a scientific approach with a dynamic openness to new experience which is the root of all wisdom. She is yet above all, an extremely tactful being with a vibrancy of team spirit that has not yet fully 'come to light.' Her good organization ability will allow her to gravitate into roles of leadership.



Born only 11 days ago, they say he has a good bundle of hair. Silas has the integrity and sportsmanship of another youth, Virya, and intelligence like none yet in Auroville. The name Silas feels warm and passionate and a champion of the 'underdog.' Silas, like Kilan and Ilengo and Chandana belong to a fellowship of karmic resemblance. They represent a spiritual migration of souls related to the golden age of Sufism carrying a renaissance of supra-rational knowledge, or so I feel.

Like the others, the underlying characteristic seems to be a combining of the heart and mind producing a kind of transparent understanding, of which, it may be said is kind of psychic intelligence. Let their lives speak for themselves, what refreshing youngsters.



Kiran is a very fortunate being. An innovative thinker and progressive doer, Kiran has the stuff teachers are made of. Possessing charisma and a practical spin on things, Kiran leads where others follow.

A born organizer, Kiran finds a way to implement all kinds of good deeds through a full involvement in life: intellectual, social, democratic and talented in business. An integral being for the 21st century.



Aken is a kid I have always liked tremendously. Under a sometimes timid, sometimes jovial and flashy communicator, is the heart of Akhenaton, the prophet who he was named after. So Aken now has become Sukesh, the spelling is different but the person is the same, reminding me of a psychic expression in the emotions that occasionally spills out in irresistible waves of unity-being glowing in blue and white.

Here is a magician of faith, a direct knower of God (what do you and I know of it anyway). This is not to say that he is not reasonable, Sukesh is a very constructive although he seems to have a head in the clouds at times, with hands of a sculptor.



Gayatri is a soulful one with much nobility, dignity and majesty of presence. She is gracious, kind, generous, optimistic, broad-minded, tolerant and host of other good things revealing not so much strength of character as inner beauty and purity of character.

Here is an example of a youth with a peculiar 'emotional intelligence.' Who knows if the destiny of Indian women will change in the years to come, for Gayatri does not belong in the ordinary but in a world which allows her to seek an unending education in freedom, liberty and equality with all others.



Chandra most likely goes to Deepanam School, our second elementary school that will be soon full which will necessitate a third one, to fit somewhere… She has a sensitive yet distinctly analytical presence with a keen sense of her own convictions. She is protective of her own space yet wholeheartedly objective in her penetration into the reality of her environment.

She is gifted with a pragmatic humanitarian streak with will find the public services a possible place for her ever growing ability to harmoniously deal with others. She has a robust will and an assertive intelligence, it is only a matter of time before she finds her true calling.



Anadi is an individual with oodles of potential, like pretty well the rest of his siblings. Anadi is a jolly old fellow, humorous, honorable, kind, diplomatic, pro-active, of good taste, (if it weren't for that temper, never mind).

Anandi's charm and material brilliance reminds me of one thing in particular, he has makings of a rich, rich man. We can't all be angles and roll in the comforts of spiritual potential, this kid is the model businessman, with all the street smart adaptability and genuine resourcefulness you will ever find. So real world, social and material in your prosperity, meet the future king of commerce, Anadi himself.



There is something about Irish and French that goes very, very well together, Bhakti is no exception. The first thing that comes to mind when in the presence of this thoughtful looking youth, is originality. Its not a question of heredity, it's a spontaneity of personality. She is beyond a doubt of Egyptian descent as the occult individualized stuff of her creativity is overpowering.

Like a William Blake who is at once passionate and pure in an abundance of artistic expression, Bhakti has something alike and also a delightful mischievousness going on. Perhaps it is in her love of learning, also in her feminine heroism, yet also in her pervading enthusiasm of self-expression. A precious jewel is not rare in itself but when worn by an ardent heart whose very smile reminds us of rubies and emeralds then all harmonizes on its own accord and the beauty within finds its external expression.



How could I leave out Lucia, a Spanish princess in her own right. Lucia carries the same nobility, wealth of inspiration and humble reserve as her mother. She must be growing up by now and always yearning to play the part (that's what you get when you have two elder brothers).

Lucia is gifted in her strong drive for productivity, leadership, executive ability, cooperative good sense and strong powers of endurance, capacity for order and high standards of efficiency. Lucia is a curious mix of playfulness and modesty, adventurousness and self-restraint, looking forward to adolescence, born for positions of responsibility.



Matteo is like one of these children who is one minute the sage of a thousand lifetimes, the next a little mischief-maker, tell me then, are we the child or the adult? Probably the child still, isn't it? One thing I have noticed about Matteo is he is in possession of a curious kind of intuition; one might call it a prophetic streak.

He is has the makings of a visionary and the yet the romantic flirtatious streak is readily observable too. On one level of good global sense and administrative ability and yet on the other side some psychological misgivings about what he should do. He is an eloquent and persuasive communicator of golden skin (the lovely color when white and brown blend) with a clear sense of the reasonable limits of rebellion. Something in the twinkle of his eyes reminds me of Anand, Anadi's elder brother.



Mirabelle, a wonderful name, has all the spiff and spazz of her Ma and the intense intelligence of her Pa. Mirabelle one feels, has the capacity to enjoy life to its fullest with all the passion, curiosity, celebration, miracle and idealized romance that youth has to offer.

She is now a quiet and delightful being but what surprises parents can have when adolescence arrives, yes, what fun the power of creative love can bring. Mirabelle is gifted with the full enthusiasm, optimism, vitality, openness to diversity of experience, in other words, she is basically simply a youthful person in her own right and will always be so. Progress.



Of liberal tastes and with the makings of a leader, David is well on his way to self-autonomy. It is not that he is not sensitive but his rational being is strongly developed, accompanied by a strong ethical sense and purpose to contribute something worthwhile to the world, maybe even something 'great.'

David is honest, quick thinking, thoroughly awake and ready to find his true self through duty. A studious and methodical person, his powers of logic, objectivity and investigation are high above the average. He is a rational being and what better to be, a born leader in patient training with class.



Another favorite, Angelo communicates the muse, what does this mean? Well talk to him and you shall see. Every deed, every word, every gesture he makes has significant purpose giving the impression of a complex, internally forceful and impressive being.

He does not dominate others like ordinary boys his age but waits, knows, sees and experiences fully. The kind of respect one feels for such a kid, there is something balanced about him, not always grounded but a complete, dynamic and unusual person behind the social persona we all wear like masks. His happy resilience under all any trying circumstance is a measure of the infallibility of his youth and the profound mystery of his inner strength. This one is blessed.



Fabien is a guy who came here a few years ago and has matured from a reserved boy into a vigorous young man. They say that the true colors of people is there staring you in the face at 16, well in Fabien's eyes I see a grit and determination of the masculine self-respect coming into its own. For some young men can be rather hedonistic in their youth while young women may condition themselves to value their physical beauty to an imbalanced degree, awe, remember when we were young and hedonistic? Are we still?
Fabien is also a person of unusual psychological insight, social magnetism, productive collaboration, romantic experimentation and asocial pride of youth. I am betting he will mature into a capable worker and excel in Karma yoga; he has a spirit of reason and a push for enlightenment that will become a dominating factor when the full potential of his intellect shines through. The passion of our youth never gives way but rather combines with the aspiration for culture, self-refinement and full participation in society.



Lila when she was going to Last School Lila was always the brightest, yet with an inner conscience that I often felt was the witnessing purity of a well-formed psychic being. Despite the clamor of life, I don't see how it is possible that she would be any different now. Lila has always shown character, heroism, opinionated breath of vision and an intelligence riding the limits of reason entering the higher planes. Lila has a considerable prophetic nature with an artful, nearly skeptical tolerance of appearances. Yet her perception is very susceptible to the charms of the higher life, culture, music, art, literature, idealism, poetry, clairvoyance while her imagination and mental sympathies being elevated to an unusual sensitivity. Our youth is so fully of gifts and marvels yet sadly and sometimes dramatically we must confront the shadows of self-inadequacy and the various biting ironies of relationships.



Of profound insight, refined tastes and an encyclopedic love of learning, Aron is one of the most impressive young adults of Auroville. At once he is mature, harmonious, constructive, humble, charming and very nearly captures the fragrance of the renaissance, like a Da Vinci in waiting.

Aron has enormous potential in literature or perhaps as a playwright and combines the self-reliant temperament of an aristocratic grandeur and nobility of the spirit of art. Quite willing to please he is a pro-active individual who likes to do things from the background with tact, diplomacy and basking in the pure light of objectivity. A shyness and inhibition prevents a wider ranger of people from valuing him for his soul beauty and he embodies an exquisitely organized intelligence.



A cheerful yet intense person, Bettina embodies the full power of the regenerative and creative power of love. She is an ideal friend I would suppose and a terrific colleague and she is as delightful it seems, as she is sincere. Her extraordinary courage to face life squarely and lead others resourcefully with powerful endurance, reminds us of the presence of Mahakali's love, which exceeds all the others.

She is gifted in communication, public relations and her ability to manage material resources, organize others to complete the task and motivate herself to great precision and concentration of effort; it is all above and beyond the calls of a life of leisure which some of the youth adore. Bettina has a dynamic yet refining social sparkle and joie de vivre. Thank you Bettina for your sophistication and creative presence.



Torbjorn (Tor-Bee-ian), is the most likeable sort of fellow who embodies an agreeable confidence and moral fiber of synchronization. A profoundly emotional and social being, he has nobility of purpose and inborn wisdom which presents itself regularlily and consistently in the face of all life's changes and floods.

We might think of him as a hero of Homeric vein, who wonders the world in body, spirit and mind in pristine purity accompanied often enough by a fraternal society (of followers?). An extremely subjective intelligence enables him to experience the stuff that heroes do, not in extravagance but in familiar deja-vu. His charm transcends culture, his wit is like a Henry David Thoreau, his search, to unite humanity with its platonic goodness and find in human stuff the beauty that transcends time and exceeds all space. The poet is pretty much always written in his deeds and the stuff of his thoughts.



Heba can find opportunities in any circumstance, truth in every obscurity, productivity in ever situation, a secret harmony behind every state of being; in other words, she is like a Rishi of ancient times. Taking to her now you would know the depths of adolescent sarcasm, the ingenuity of teenage drama (which is an art in which she excels) but I remember the child who was a model of integral development, excelling in sports, art, drama, academics and psychic awakening.

Her expression is firm yet poetic, her intelligence investigate and brilliant, her actions courteous and generous, her dreams ardent yet concealed. She is a majestic being with an underlying cooperative excellence and brave integrity. Heba like so many youth, is easily disenchanted but her height of wakefulness when she gains her full measure of liberty, would be like the phoenix when reborn. She represents the mystery of youth that longs for the splendour of immortality and bliss. The transformation from teenager to adulthood has never been more of a re-birth.



Valentine is a devotional being with an abundance of charm and inner wealth. She is like a practical mystic, gentle and idealistic. When she looks at you, you feel concretely that she is not looking "at" you but "within" you. She is a lover of humanity and peaceful duty.

Valentine is at times sober, reserved and emotionally content within her inner world but affectionate in the extreme to those how are close by. Her power of expression in matter is well developed with an artistic element even in the way she deals with people, for she tends towards the hail-fellow-well-met attitude towards all, admitting to loving even a perfect stranger if that is how God planned it to be. As she matures her analytical faculty will prove finely tuned and she will be able to manipulate information in a conscious manner.



Aurelia is a most charismatic and graceful person. Her elegance, honesty, truthfulness, astounding beauty and quiet charm are most notable. One asks oneself, another one in the family destined for the performing arts? Of all the youngsters I have never seen in Auroville, such a model of the feminine virtues to which civilization has praised since time began.

Aurelia is gifted in talent, finery, hospitableness, culture, diplomacy, philanthropy and attracts the conditions of prosperity from divergent sources. Her high emotional intelligence, good fortune and consequent social eminence by a familiar self-confidence which breaks down all barriers not through harmony alone but through the magic art of perseverance. Aurelia, ambassador of the silver moon, what careless prizes and bighearted accord illumines the aura of your presence?



Milla reminds me of her aunty Aurosylle, with a settled calm that perceives the infinite in the finite. Milla has the potential or so it feels to me, for the highest expression of human individuality, I mean that self-mastery of fate, which few can ever hope to experience. A deep and prolific thinker, Milla has the will of the revolutionary who would not be content to live out a quiet and sluggish existence.

The Heroism of her parents is well incarnated here, for Milla dares to seek her own ideology and finds its fulfillment through deeds, not words. She is a spirit of original ambitions and democratic means, highly motivated to have an impact on society. One of Mahakali's favored children, she is gifted in metaphysical observation supporting a central will born for social reform. She resonates not with the past but with the future, the cosmopolitan and technological vistas of a churning and busy society. Milla also, I assume, shares the political consciousness of her paternal grandfather and the literary talent of her father.



The first thing that comes to mind is, a champion of the eccentric. The spirit of the entertainer is not lost on him, no, and that peculiar combination of reserve and cultural talent is also present. Aris Miles is also a clear candidate for financial wizardry and success in business ventures. He has the planning ability, the quick adaptability of the salesman and the mature ('slick') charisma of his Mom.

Aris Miles can be flamboyant and somewhat wacky but don't underestimate his humor for perhaps Wazo will finally have some competition. It is hard to tell what part of a person will decide to lead the life but youth is a time of transformation, innovation and modernization that Aris Miles will have no fear of to be sure. What schemes he will cook up, ah but the charm will get him off the hook. The final and last thing I can say is a few days before he was born there was a multiple conjunction in Taurus (May 2000 I believe), Taurus stands for the production of beauty, Aris Miles is a 'sure hit' in the aesthetic world.



Zubin is a bhakti, this being the overwhelming principle of his work on Earth, he is likely to find harmony through the heart and while his mind will developed a broad and general intelligence it will only be a tool for his inner life. Somewhat reluctance to show his entire depth to the world, Zubin is a being of pure sensibilities and a very caring individual.

He is gifted in perceiving the philosophical truth below the surface and his ability to transcend cultural barriers is enormous. Being of German-Indian descent, this allows him to experience and find the 'best of both worlds', and synthesize for himself Eastern and Western culture and spiritual approaches. At times he is unpredictable and seeks out adventure in the wilderness of life but he always comes back to his roots, which is the pure identify with the spirit for he instinctively knows that the greater part of truth resides in the heart, not in the mind. Zubin probably enjoys music, society and the meeting place between culture and technology giving him significant progressive enthusiasm.



Of profound emotional and imaginative power, Mael has the makings of many artistic gifts. A mind open to the subtle physical and a strong inclination towards mystical understanding, he is sort of like an 'Indigo' child. With a fertile perceptive faculty and a liking for continuous states of concentration, Mael may likely turn to writing on mystical, spiritual and occult subjects.

A strong instinctive and feeling nature gives him a subjective outlook on life which utilizes his devotional capacities in a priestly manner, an adept of comparative religions, theology and probably interested in the perspective arts like photography, cinema, video, even drama. Mael will probably be preoccupied with the great mysteries of life, fascinated by magic, psychology, numerology, astrology, tarot and similar stuff like dream interpretation and what is termed nowadays as the 'psychic' arts. His ability to communicate on an emotional level is highly evolved and his powers for interpersonal intimacy are unusual.



Of considerable beauty, charm and vivaciousness, I see Cameron growing up to be an independent and cosmopolitan woman of high professional ambitions. A sturdy and down to earth character is lightened up with considerable social skills that charge a mild and somewhat careful and introspective nature.

Cameron will not be lacking practical ability to be sure and despite some uncertainties in her own mind about herself, she will project a sure, confident, methodical and winning nature. As she matures she may be attracted to foreign travel, higher studies, research, educational movement and campaigns, which benefit the general public. She has the energy of a hostess and the capacity to create an atmosphere whereby groups of a political, constructively social and fraternal character can come together and meet to organize different kinds of positive social action. Like her parents she is forcefully individualistic yet simultaneously gentle and humane towards others.



Geo is a person of considerable inner beauty although at times of judicious and disgruntled muse. He fits the mold of Goethe; introverted, inspired, highly intelligent and waiting for the blooming of the intellectual life that may be a guiding influence a kind of liberation from the obligations of external affairs. Geo has numinous written all over his face, indicating he possess an inborn light both tranquil and wise in its approach, for inside himself all the answers can be found.

Geo could become a gifted poet, artisan, someone who shapes material forms of considerable beauty, which possess a practical utility as well. Combining an emotional wealth and an intelligence approaching a supernatural awareness, Geo would excel in dealing with material wealth in someway, as a broker, investor, financial manager, etc…As he matures the cooperative spirit in him will grown tenfold and he will serve a very useful and fruitful role in society transfiguring early trials of youth and 'growing up' into the synthesis of well earned maturity. Geo is a champion of honor, like a Knight of balanced conduct with a keen awareness of his worldly responsibilities. All the best.



Kalrav is an unassuming, cultured and earnest kind of fellow who embodies all that is sacred in Indian culture yet his inclinations are global. The tolerance, humility and gentleness of his boyhood will instill in him a kind of inner peace and extreme kindness and politeness yet his reach is beyond the mere ordinary, for in him waits something that needs to 'break free' from external moulds, tradition and the weight of external circumstances which do not always seemingly encourage the growth of the true personality within us.

Kalrav is gifted with an illuminated moral sense that guides his activities allowing him a full and easy power of identification with others giving him the compassion and diplomacy to become a saintly kind of influence on the lives of those around him. A fluid character with a full appreciation of humankind, Kalrav is as utopian as his polished diplomacy would suggest, carrying within him a great mixture of common sense, social discrimination and experiential intuition in life's great passage and wandering.



There is something in her that symbolizes the great experiment of all life, something that dreams and dares and yearns for more than human life can offer, yet at the same time has an incredible attraction and affinity to all that is moving, touching and meaningful to the emotional being within us. Upon meeting her for the first time one is inclined to repeat that silly song that goes, "Dow and dear, a female dear…"

Jivatma is vivid in her embrace of life, candid in sharing her wealth of observations and feelings, always willing and able to make new friends. The unrest of youth is felt in her, the craving for the adventures of tomorrow, the grass that is greener on the other side, for Jivatma has lived in the last 3 years more than I could hope to see in the next 30, some people are just like that, so open to new and fresh experiences. Life does not take nurturing people like her for granted; they live on through their children and the far-reaching echoes of their enthusiasm.



Aryan as the name suggests, is an idealist but an implementing one too with a firm, almost Spartan dedication to work, responsibility and those projects that transcend the simply personal realm. One feels in him an eventful life with a power to transform his environment. Of hopeful and sympathetic speech, Aryan has tact (a little 'black cat' Tim?) with platonic whims and fancies.

Aryan or so it feels to me is well suited to positions of high responsibility, management, authority with an ability to wield "power" in a selfless and self-sacrificing role. Purposeful and direct in action, a real hero-warrior of the ideal, Aryan is gifted in the pragmatic world, of building the bridge between the paradigm and the concrete. Of serious, but not rigid inclinations, he is within the model of Cicero, the great Roman statesman and orator. A good listener, well able to actually follow advice, Aryan could become a gifted public speaker with deeply moving convictions, which taking into consideration the well-being of the entire group.



Sara is an unassuming young woman who is always ready to smile in whatever direction she is facing and laugh at whatever life decides to bring to her attention, to 'buckle-down' and enjoy the ride, generally speaking. Yet behind the mellow façade of a late blooming and chaste sort of 'heal the world' young maiden (and the beloved of all children and animals) is a piercing and insightfully anticipating young adult on a quest of her own designs.

The first time I saw Sara I felt I was viewing someone who 'time jumped' from the middle ages into the here and now, of Swiss-French origin one feels she is ideal for the agricultural life that a small town life like Auroville can provide. There is something abundantly 'natural' about Sara, with few marks of the drunken play of juvenile initiation (and imitation) that most of the Auroville youth endeavor enjoy. What joys a simple life can bring and far greater than we might conceive, those of us who complicate our lives with human follies, listen to the Mother-earth and follows Sara's lead.



How many flowers could we compare to the drunken bliss of our fair humanity? This one is greater than she knows, wiser than what she seeks and of course happier than her own heart's content. A childhood friend of all beings, Blanche is a sweet sister of grace and comrade of the stuff of fables. She is gifted in persuasion; harmonious is relation, lucky in life's infectious stroll down many a plentiful route.

Despite all psychological grief, what is sweet is still sweet and though all our human hopes do fail, the lotus's faith again unveils. She shares the lovely secrets of harmony's grin :- ) and the deep unbridled fascination of the search for a soul-mate, common to the company of our youth and to those adults who did find. White flowers, are indeed rare and precious for they do betray naïve beauty in youth and sturdy wisdom of a Queenly fate, we are lucky to know you Blanche.



Combining the best of youth's radiance with the fiery spirit of a new beginning that hastens for ever on, Suramayi is wit, charm and virtue all bundled neatly and purposefully. Of outstanding power of affinity and public esteem, she will always be more than what she seems. She if gifted with the infection love of life, that can go by no name but the thrill of the heart, she is like perfect rose whose petals are turning from passionate red to soft and soothing pink.

She commands your attention like a brave and tempest wind yet basking in morning glory for which all the poets wait adoringly. A serious student with an excellent ability to 'pick new things up', she has what it takes to be anything yet her own self is already so much! Like her parents she is no timid surf but knows her own convictions and executes them well. Surayamayi, oh Surayamayi, where are you glowing today? She is gifted as the highest kind of public servant, the replenisher of the heart. She holds the key to beauty and strength and the password to many heroic descendants.


38. JULIEN OF TRANSITION (the younger)

Julien is of original and 'good frame of mind.' He is also pleasant, conscientious, funny, talented in conversation and gifted in noble act and worthy deed. None of us are sure of what we might become but when we accept ourselves, all the grace in us will be set free for us to simply, be. One could not have a better friend that Julien: faithful, self-sacrificing, caring and patient with all our faults.

Julien has a vivacious and chirpy wit, given to the entertainment industry, if such a thing might exist. There is much potential in the cultural world for this one, as his is gifted not only with the creative spirit but also with a poise of expression, a harmony of the traffic circle (life relationships) and a breezy lightness the rekindles our good sense. Of strong aesthetic purpose, Julian is an artist in human relationships too.



Arseni, despite an early tendency to get into trouble, is going to be great, whatever that may mean for him. Besides the irregularities of youth do not last forever and what is underneath is what is important. Coming from a town of arts, crafts and culture (in Russia ) Arseni has inherited a brilliance that I promise, you will want to know. Of authoritarian spirits and of highly critical disposition, Arseni will likely grow into a man of letters, science, knowledge, a vast encyclopedia of worldly things and the arcane, the esoteric, the master mind, the chief adviser, of sophistication and well deserved nobility.

A profound scholar lies behind this earnest, liberal and sometimes dominating personality. Behold, a vehicle of mature spiritual insight, and of sustained spiritual aspirations. Behold, the technician, the humanitarian, the very heights of clarity (how misunderstood the prophets are) and an adventurous young man of remarkable imagination and practical application of knowledge culminating in intuitive wisdom. Next time you see Arseni, look again (take a closer look), here is a born organizer and innovative leader of industrious genius.



Behind every mysterious and self-contained person, often enough is a perfectionist and a zealous will. Rishi is 100% grounded and true to 'Indigo' harvest, children of the late 80's, has the kind of confidence that even most adults don't have. His is the pro-active approach, planning well ahead, direct in approach and devastating in results with a talent for productivity.

He would make an excellent doctor, banker or specialist of some kind. Of high ambitions and methodical perseverance, one can only expect worldly success from one such as he. A tough-minded utilitarian, Rish is the kind of fellow you want to call in emergencies, the kind of person you can count on with no questions asked and the sort of man that does not ask if it is possible or not, but finds a way to do it. He knows how to survive, he knows the cosmopolitan lingo. If material wealth comes to those who have earned it, Rishi will be swimming in it. Pray tell, our future business executive? Paul (of Maroma), meet Rishi.



Well Kilan, how do you like your neighbor? Perceval ought to be a model; I mean have you ever seen such a cute kid? Perceval is truly an incarnation of his parents if you ask me, happy go' lucky combined in a pragmatic matter of fact mould, a pretty good combination, perfect for growing up in Auroville. Perceval is bright, industrious and sort of pixie, true to the "Courage" spirit.

He certainly will be a best friend of nature, a lover of all that makes life worth living for with a sentimental awareness of the 'fated' direction of society and human civilization in general. Perceval is very heart warming presence; 'the shining one' would not be far off. When he speaks, people take notice for something speaks through him that has a transforming power in matter. Slow to make a move but sure in his steps, all charged up and patient to go.



The truth of the youth of Auroville is in their art and she is no exception to the rule. We (the youth) are not religious enthusiasts not bureaucratic toy soldiers but something else entirely (or so we would like to have you think). Marie-Alexia is by some standards, a "new" youth that means you might not be acquainted with this petite and bright-eyed eager beaver but it is the youth who bring the future, frantic and about to explode right to your door-step.

Born in the year of the hen (you can see by the way in which she moves her head), she is one social being and French so they have their own pretty self-sustaining crowd. Gifted in the cultural, humanistic, artistic, aesthetic and spectacular realm, she is pretty happy, for happiness comes to happy people in general. The youth identify most usually with their friends, their peers, their lovers and everything pretty much goes like that till the late teens or early 20's at which point they must make calculated decisions not in relation to the truth of their own being, but on the securing of a desirable future where human needs including social and educational (the main drawback of living in a small town) must be somehow fulfilled.


Written by Shweta , published on Auronet 31 July 2002

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