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NamgyalMy childhood is one of the most memorable times in my life. My family members and old friends (all Tibetan) gave me everything to make it a time worthwhile to remember.

Born in Manali

I was born in Manali, India, on April 9th, 1976. We are three brothers and two sisters. I'm the eldest brother and I've got one older sister. She is a teacher in a school. All the others are still studying. My father is an artist; he used to teach a Tibetan traditional art called 'Thanka painting'. My mother is a housewife.

Meeting Kalsang and Auroville

I finished my higher secondary school education in Mundgod, south India, where I lived in the Tibetan settlement. It was there that I first met Kalsang from Auroville. She had come to the Mundgod School for the Tibetan Kalachatra initiation. Kalsang was the one who introduced me to Auroville. When I had passed my exams, I decided to come and visit the place and meet her.
Kalsang helped me a lot and showed me many things, different aspects of Auroville. My first impression was amazement to find a place where all nationalities can stay together without any boundaries and each one learning from other. I realised pretty fast that I wanted to settle here.

Entering Auroville, various jobs and places

I became newcomer in November 95. At that time I was interested in architecture and was introduced to the Kolam design and drawing office in Bharat Nivas. I studied there for about 6 months but could not cope with my financial situation, and had to find a place where I could get a maintenance for my living. For a while I joined Aurosatprem's team in CSR but there I couldn't stay for long either. Then I got a good opportunity to learn how to be a dental technician, and that's what I am now! I work daily at Auroville's Dental Clinic in 'Protection'

Namgyal and Kalsang

During all this time I also had to move from one place to another, but finally I reached Aspiration where I still live today, together with Kalsang.

Previous karma

In March 97, I became Aurovilian. I think Auroville is a place for people who believe in non-violence and unity. And that's what I'm here for. Well.., I'm here also with the help of my previous karma, which made me choose this special city called Auroville.

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