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Poetry through young eyes...

Last year, in January 2000, the senior English class at Auroville's Transition School produced a collection of poems called Koala Poetry. Some of these were taken up in the Transcript webzine of June-July that year, and its editors allowed us to share them with you here. You find them below.

In addition to this, we will add from time to time a selection from some of our youngest poets, speaking of Auroville as they know it. It may be interesting for you to discover what they experience and observe, by what they are touched and with what they're confronted (love, friendship, worries…) or what they wonder about sometimes.

The Sun

The sun comes shining through the keet.
The heat makes me feel warm.
The sun, every time the leaves move,
Comes down in beams on my paper.
When the tree blocks the hot sun's path,
He peeps in through another hole,
It makes the hut around me alight.
The hut is like a huge giant,
It tries to block the sun,
But as it is so full of holes
The light comes in from another hole.
All around me it's dark,
The only light is the sun peeping
Through the giant's shirt.

Shanti (14, boy)


Auroville is a land
Where all beauty
And wisdom
Is welcome with open hearts.
A place where all sorrow and the pain
That one feels,
Should be forgotten.
To me its like
A land, a being,
Hungry for peace
And for freedom
A place reaching out
For love and
Joy in the spirit.

Heba (15, girl)


People are the worst animals alive
In deep wells and seas they dive
Only for pearls, emeralds, silver and gold.
They go on and on till they are old,
Then they sit very stiff on a chair
They don't even think to share,
They only think of their desires
Even while sitting on a bonfire,
On a huge pile of wood
So that they maybe could
Go to HEAVEN…!!???

Hilde (15, girl)


Friendship, on a tree, is a flower,
A flower as pure as snow.
It is a force, a special power,
Like a beautiful golden flow.
It is like a ray of sunlight,
Enlightening every dream,
Full of colours, vivid and bright,
All together in a beam.
It is a transparent crystal,
That is nothing but clear
It is fantastic, magical
And keeps all your friends near.
It is something you shall never forget,
For it is friendship, the Ultimate.

Suryamayi (14, girl)


He takes control of your mind
He tosses it around
He brings up thoughts that don't exist.
Like a shadow he follows you
As if to be unseen.
He walks behind your back
And murmurs wicked words
While you feel him get hold of you
While you feel yourself losing control.
When all is quiet and peaceful
You can hear a creak once in a while
As fear approaches like a cat
At night, and seizes in panic
As all reason leaves your mind
And fear takes its place
Like the sun takes place of the moon.

Mirra (15, girl)

The Unknown

My affection for the unknown
Started as a dream, as sweet
As sweet as sugar,
And that dream did not forgive.
The unknown talks to me in the night,
Words of love, words of adoration,
But, as night ends, the sadness comes;
The sadness exists because
I know we shall never unite.
As I see him, as he appears,
My heart flutters away like a butterfly,
and I know, I know we shall never unite.

Divya (14, girl)

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