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Velu was born into an Aurovilian background. "My parents came from Pondicherry to work in Auroville as a cook and gardener some twenty years ago. They became Aurovilians, so we, their descendants, are naturally born Aurovilians - although at some point there was quite a discussion going on whether children born in Auroville should be automatically Aurovilians or if they should undergo the usual entry process.." 

Schooling and training

Velu went to Auroville's Kindergarten and Transition School, got his real education in Last School, which he attended from 15 to 17. Later he went for 3 years to After School, together with Palani. Finishing his studies with 12th standard, he joined Aurelec as a trainee. For a time he worked as web designer in Theo's Penta company. "After some time I applied for a course in B.C.A. in Madras University, got accepted and paid Rs 7.000 course fees. At the very last moment I was told there had been problems with my transfer certificate from After School and I could not join the class, without getting a refund of the fees..", he tells. Quite frustrated he decided to continue working fulltime at Aurelec. He switched to Auronet, where he maintained the AVNet, Auroville's Intranet. He then got the chance to function as the System Operator, Sysop, for some time.

Plans for a youth community

Like his friends Palani and Segar, Velu does not live with his family. He went to live in a youth community in Prarthna called WeDK (derived from We Don't Know..), built by the parents of Sukrit to give some young adults the opportunity to experience community life. Because of the hassle of driving back and forth to his working place, he left WeDK and went to live with his parents and is at the moment looking for a more permanent place to stay. With some friends he's planning a similar project like WeDK, which would be designed by Rajendran who works with Brand New Day, and who will live in it himself as well. Rajendran and Velu are both in the same basketball team.


Velu went to the summer camps, always for the sports. "Yurcaud was my first camp and I went every year except two times when I had to miss the camps because of exams. I love the nature, the cool climate, the mountains and the lake, the cholas and the animals.. I don't like human beings so much..," he smiles.

Next year he would like to go trekking with Jean LeGrand in the Himalayas.. And that will be another story..

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