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One Asia 2010




During the month of February 2010, Asian Cultural Exchange program
"ONE ASIA 2010" was held at various places in Auroville.


One of the main programs " Asian Tea ceremony demonstrations " were presented in Sri Aurobindo Auditorium by the four visiting tea masters from four different countries, China , Japan , Korea and Taiwan from 14th to 17th February.
Tea ceremony is widely practiced in the East Asian countries as spiritual practice in the daily life as " active meditation " and each countries have unique way of tea preparation and appreciation.


Besides these tea ceremonies, there were TaiChi demonstration by Prof. Dhun Shu-Hai from Taiwan , Gu-qin (Chinese harp) player Master Wang Tai-Qin's concerts were also prepared.


There were a photo exhibition "The Mother in Japan " and
"Noh theatre mask and calligraphy exhibition" by the Japanese artist couple Terumoto
& Kazue Goto at Tibetan Pavilion.








Many of Auroville artists were also participated to this program, such as a group exhibition "Another Way of Tea" in Kalakendra.


Ikebana exhibition by Auroville Ikebana School hosted by Creativity community, Calligraphy exhibition by an Aurovilian artist Jyoti at Pitanga and a photo exhibition " The Golden Pavilion - Kinkakuji " by Franz at Aurelec Canteen.



Wang's_Gu-QinAs the highlight of the entire event, there was a collective Asian Lunar New Year celebration in 14th of February at the Tibetan Pavilion. There were Japanese and Korean Tea ceremony at the early morning, Chinese harp concert, Kazakhstan Yurt presentation by Ruslan, Nadaka and Gopika's Sanskrit chanting and music session, Tibetan monk's Buddhist chanting and others were offered in a peaceful and friendly atmosphere.

Also, Ramli Ibrahim's Sutra Dance Theatre from Malaysia , Tibetan Students' dance performance and Tamil folk dance performance were offered in Sri Aurobindo Auditorium.


After all the intense month, many of Aurovilians left their common remark, "Such an event was longtime awaited in Auroville".
It was a wonderful, joyful and graceful month, dedicated to the Dream of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother.


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