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Asia Unity Meeting, first meeting



A first ever Asia Unity Meeting was held at the Pavilion of Tibetan Culture in Auroville, on the auspicious date of the 9th of September 2009.
There were 30 participants, consisting of Aurovilians and Newcomers to Auroville, including the individuals from 6 different Asian countries, and also from other countries.


One of the participants reported:

We sat around flowers, a candle and East Asian incense. Starting with a minute of collective silence the atmosphere was prepared. Then, we introduced each other, going clockwise around the circle.
Each of us expressed our relationship to Asia, impressions of Asia and hope for the future. After that, Jyoti, the initiative taker of this first ever gathering of Asian participants in the Auroville experiment, introduced two larger topics of current Asian activity in Auroville. the Pavilion for each of the countries and the possibility of an ‘East Asian Cultural Pavilion' as a first step in the International Zone; and the introduction of a plan for an East Asian Cultural Event which will be held in Auroville in February 2010.


East Asian Cultural Event


After some brainstorming, the following ideas came up for the Event:

- Invitation of four tea masters from four different Asian countries.

- Invitation of three Taiwanese art masters: a Chinese harp player, a Brush painter and a Tai Chi master

- A collective celebration of the Lunar New Year's Day on the 14th of February 2010

- Invitation of Japanese Butoh dancers (contemporary dance)

- Teaware and tea culture exhibition by Auroville and Ashram artists

- Photo exhibition of ‘The Mother in Japan'

- An Asian film & Manga (Japanese cartoon film) festival

- Calligraphy exhibition

- An exhibition on Japanese Gardens related to the Mother's ‘Spiritual significance of flowers'

- Ikebana presentation


At the end of the meeting we had a nice green tea in the dining room. This meeting was held with the heartfelt welcome of Tibetan Pavilion Team. Thanks for the goodwill of all the friends who made this meeting possible.



East Asian nations have thus far have hardly been represented in the Auroville Township, and any support or suggestions related to this event are most welcome. Though it was not mentioned during the meeting, fund raising is one of the major tasks.




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