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The Americas site

The USA Pavilion starts off

A spontaneous visit and performance  of a Chilean group animated the inauguration session  of the U.S. Pavilion in the Americas Site

This year, the realisation of the dream of creating an Americas Site in the International Zone is closer than ever to being materialised. On that site, if we hold true to the idea of a 'campus' model, each country from the Americas has a role to play, and all around a focal point of energy. As a first step toward materialisation of this dream: we have celebrated an Americas Site Consecration Ceremony in the International Zone on February 2001, Auroville's Birthday.

Consecration of the north/south Americas Site

The event brought together guests such as Auroville's chief architect Roger Anger, Auroville Foundation chairman Kireet Joshi, Mr. N. Balabaskar the Secretary, U.S. Consul General Bernard Alter from Chennai, and some hundred well wishers to plant trees and dance, sing and pledge their energy to go forward with the first steps towards creating the Americas Area. We also read American poetry and had a spontaneous serenade from a group of architects from Chile. It was another step forward. It was a privilege to be there.

June Maher of AVI USA placing a marker for the future USA pavilion

The U.S. Pavilion - full of promise

In the course of time, many Aurovilians from USA as well as members of Auroville International USA have brainstormed on how to express the soul of the United States through a future U.S. Pavilion in Auroville's International Zone. Here are just a few examples:

  • Present the indigenous spirit, the connection to the land, and the homeless spirit, in the sense of a wandering people, the nomads, exiles, refugees--can all be expressed through art, music, poetry, prose.

  • Auroville as a whole stands for the unity of mankind: let freedom and individuality ring come through the individual pavilions.

  • Something... that recognises the tremendous cultural diversity of the United States.

  • What has happened in America of real significance has been the result of a certain dynamic action, often magnanimous, for the sake of the collective good, or the general welfare and progress of the community.

  • If one is to search for the soul of something, look to its strengths, the goodness and greatness that are latent in it, or that it has tried to express and may yet express.

  • One such strength is that America always looks to the future, to a new creation and a new beginning. This has been most strongly felt in physical, scientific innovation in the last century, but surely its roots lie deeper, in a pointing toward the coming transformation of the species. A second is freedom, the freedom of the individual to develop, free from cultural, religious, or community conventions. Individual freedom is a sine qua non of the spiritual life; the individual is always the one who breaks free of encrusted convention and leads the way. That this freedom was not universal in America's history is no mark against the essential movement. A third strength of America, which has been somewhat eclipsed in political life in the last decade, is the spirit of the sunlit path: a sunny optimism that doesn't let failures and obstacles depress the spirit. It is the sense that life is full of promise.

In search of architects.. 

Members of AVI USA and the Americas Pavilion group in Auroville are busy looking at several well-known and respected architects whose work would be appropriate for Auroville and inspiring enough to give them the green light to create the U.S. Pavilion.

University Of Washington sends students

In the 2001/02 winter season, 37 students and 4 faculty members from the University of Washington will live and work in Auroville. They will complete the design and construction of the U.S. Pavilion's first building: a dormitory based on sustainable architectural and environmental design principles. (It may be of interest to note here that both students and faculty are donating their labour and paying their own costs for this venture, amounting to a donation worth over US $ 200.000!)


In the coming years these ideas may take shape, - we hope to share them with you on these pages.


See also: http://www.aviusa.org/pavilion/ 


Contact: jillswar@auroville.org.in , or info@aviusa.org



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