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The USA Pavilion starts off

Beginning construction work - with the blessing of the gods.. A vandi (bullock cart)  brings much needed water to the site

Changing the Auroville landscape forever..

Thirty two students - "pasty faced white kids" (as one teaching assistant called them) arrived January 4th, 2002, to begin their exciting, often bewildering journey in Auroville. Including professors and teaching assistants, the group of 42 set the goal of designing and building the first structure on the U.S. Pavilion site of the International Zone.


American students build a student guesthouse

Working almost non-stop with a team of Tamil masons and carpenters, the group of very able-bodied college students who came from such diverse departments as 'School of Architecture', 'Landscape Design' and 'Forestry Resources' succeeded in creating an innovative, sophisticated and playful structure which should be finished in July.
This 'U.S. Student Guest House' has 4 rooms with a total of 12 beds and the latest in

  • compost toilets

  • wastewater treatment plant

  • landscape design

  • water cistern and tank

and a breeze catching 'super roof' which will keep the whole structure super cool and shaded.

Stamping and tamping in the trench

Willy learns how to handle a chetty.. Professors and students working together in the trenches



Many thanks to Mario, Kartik and his team; the UNIVERSITY OF WASHINGTON DESIGN/BUILD PROGRAM and AVI-USA for making this (financially) possible - and thanks to the 'USA Pavilion Organising Team of 7' for all their hard work here and there.


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Coordinator Jill

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