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Appropriate building technology

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Appropriate building technology

The term 'appropriate building technology' refers to building processes and tools that are appropriate to the climate, socio-economic conditions and natural resources of an area, and which contribute to sustainable development. In the Auroville context we have two examples of appropriate building technology, earth construction and ferrocement.

Appropriate architecture

The term 'appropriate architecture' is used for the integration into construction of all the separate technologies and disciplines involved in the research and promotion of sustainable solutions. 'Green Architecture' is another name used for this approach.

Earth construction

Compressed Earth Blocks (CEBs) are made in a manual press (produced in Auroville) using a mixture of earth with 3-5% cement. The advantages of using CEBs for construction are that they can be made on site and the manufacture of them doesn't pollute the environment. A CEB uses between 3-5 times less energy to make than a fired brick.

The Visitors Centre, the Solar Kitchen, Verite Hall and the Earth Unit at CSR are good examples of their use.

In 1996, the Auroville Building Centre designed and built a cyclone- and earthquake-resistant house at the UN Habitat-2 Conference in Istanbul using compressed earth blocks.

Auroville Earth Institute is conducting regular training programmes in earth construction. The earth unit maintains a construction team and offers consultancy and design for buildings in earth.


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