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Architecture is a labor of love; the multiplicity of partnership, the minute attention to detail, the technical know-how, the management skill required make it a complex profession that can only be well practiced if it is embraced whole heartedly and without reservation.

I started my professional life in the construction field and learned first-hand what it means to build during more those 10 years as a contractor.

I studied architecture at the California College of Arts and Craft in San Francisco, and returned to France in 1993 to practice. I was fortunate enough to have a father that had practiced Architecture for more than 40 years and he guided me through the intricacy of the profession. In 2002, I joined the French Ministry of Culture and worked for the protection and restoration of historical monuments.

Auroville has been calling me since I read about it and I had the privilege to spend two years in 1983-84 in the early days of the township. Longing for Auroville brought me back to India in 2005 and I have been living here permanently since 2007. 

Creation Architecture Studio was formed in partnership with Sindhuja Jagadeesh in 2011; in our work we try to achieve a harmony between the technical nature of the profession and the creative design process. Successful architecture, we believe, is a compromise between needs and means; to blend those constraints and express long lasting beauty is the ultimate aim of our architecture.

As partner in Auromodele Atelier Architects and Creation Architecture

Exterior/ interior architecture:       
Individual house in Fraternity, Auroville (constructed in 2009)
Individual house in Kuyilapalayam, outside Auromodele, Auroville
Interior design for boutique in Chennai (constructed in 2009)
Individual house in Surrender (constructed in 2010)
Remodelling of Auromode 3rd floor into apartments (constructed in 2011)
Apartment building- 3 storey, 4 apartments, Surrender, Auroville (constructed 2010- 2012)
Apartment building- 3 storey, 2 apartments, Surrender, Auroville (constructed 2010- 2012)
Apartment buildings- 2 four storey buildings, 4 apartments each in Bommayarpalayam-
Residence extension in Sukhavati, Auroville
Apartment building- 3 storey in Rainbow Nagar, Pondicherry (Currently under construction)
Individual house in Pondicherry (Currently under construction)
Youth hostel low cost accommodation for volunteers in Auroville
Apartment buildings- 3 storey, phase 1 - 34 apartments, project name – Aurogolconde, in Auroville
Apartment buildings- 4 storey– apartments for collecting leaving + offices, project name – DNA, in Auroville

Other work:                                          
Information panels design of the for Visitor’s Centre in Auroville, and the Town hall
Town planning – collaborative work, interpreting the Galaxy in Sector 1 and 2, Residential Zone – client l’Avenir d’Auroville
Landscape design for entrance of Kindergarten in Auroville


Home > The City > ArchitectureProfile of Architects - Bertrand

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