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Auroville Transit Lounge

On Friday April 15th, 2011, Auroville architects and developers presented their ideas for dismantleable houses for Auroville.









Though many apartment buildings are getting ready, the housing crisis is far from being over. A housing survey showed that apartments are required for 130 people: 42 families, 36 couples, 5 single parents with children, and 47 singles.
To provide immediate relief, a number of architects are developing ideas for temporary dismantleable housing which could be located on a site near Courage. The name for this
new community has already been decided upon: the Auroville Transit Lounge.
With an estimated lifetime of 10 years, the Transit Lounge would provide housing for all Newcomers or Aurovilians who are waiting for permanent housing.
The Auroville Transit Lounge will have a minimum of 15 units. Residents will share a common building with kitchen, a dining space and a recreational area with internet access, lounge spaces and other facilities. Another building will house the bathrooms and composting toilets. The project includes a greywater treatment facility with resource recovery station. There is a possibility of using wind or solar for electricity generation.
The financing of this project is being worked out. One idea is that the houses would be paid for by the occupants, while Auroville would bear the infrastructure costs for the common facilities. The residents would pay a monthly contribution towards expenses/maintenance of the common infrastructure. When a resident moved to a permanent location elsewhere in Auroville, the investment in the temporary house less the standard depreciation rate of 0.4% per month would be refunded and used for the permanent house.
Interested newcomers and Aurovilians have been requested to give their feedback on the ideas and the models shown. If a sufficient number of people express interest, the layout and facilities of each living unit will be fine-tuned in a oneday co-design workshop and a group design session will detail the site plan and the common infrastructure facilities.

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