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Lines of Force

First module is finished

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Lines of Force
- update 21 September 2002

The construction of the first block of Line of Force (the first Line of Force undertaken in Auroville originates in the Residential Zone) started in August 2000. This part of the Line is called 'Progress' and the work has been slowly but steadily progressing; end of May '02 residents moved in.

This first module covers approximately 250 sqm and contains 3 apartments, on ground plus two floors. The ground floor has a big apartment for a family (around 100 sqm), while on the first floor there's an apartment for a single person (50 sqm), as well as an apartment with a mezzanine for a couple (80 sqm). In this way, there are three different models to experiment with for the further development of the Line, and see what the possibilities are within the structure conceived so far.

One main concern is: how to combine the collective lifestyle envisaged for the building complex with the respect for intimacy of the inhabitants. The building team and residents are extensively discussing this, being fully aware that in this field profound research still needs to be done for Auroville.

Contact: aurofuture@auroville.org.in

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