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Opening of Sangamam


The Sangamam community centre still in bare surrounding.., besides the model of the first phase of the future complex


Breaking barriers: Sangamam
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Sangamam - a model village


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spacious interior of the community centre

Sunday 14th April 2002

During the sunny and celebrative Sunday of April 14th, '02, quite a few Aurovilians and other interested parties from Auroville's bioregion responded to the invitation from the project holders of Sangamam to visit the site of the project and take part in the project's official opening..

exterior of the houses

Community centre and infrastructure

They were invited to have a look at the community centre and the first six houses that were recently finished. The visitors also toured the extensive infrastructure for the project: a new bridge over the canyon for proper access to the village-to-be, the electricity supply, a bore well, an innovative water tank with three chambers (the first one for drinkable water, the second for recycled water coming from the wastewater treatment unit and the third for harvested rainwater), and the wastewater treatment unit.

A model for the entire envisaged project was shown and a small power point presentation was given of the same.

Left: project holder Meenakshi outlines the project's aims during the inauguration; right: Meenakshi and Frederick hand over the keys to two of the first inhabitants

Five families and a guest house

Out of the six completed houses, five have been already allocated to 5 long-time Auroville workers. The sixth one will function as a guest house to offer guest facilities to students, researchers, visitors to Auroville who want to experience life in Sangamam. The income of the guest house will contribute towards the maintenance of the village.

Team spirit

A very important feature in the realisation of this project has been the team spirit and dedication of the participants to get this first phase of the work done. Special appreciation and gratitude were expressed from the project holders towards the project's architect Anupama, its contractor Dhanapal, and supervisor Ravi.

It was a very happy occasion for all involved to complete this phase and hand over the keys to five very dedicated long-time workers of Auroville and their families who will be the first ones to live here..

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