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Design studio for young architects: a workshop
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Auroville Design Studio
March 2007

We now have a detailed programme for the Auroville Design Studio March 2007. As mentioned earlier, this 2-week workshop will be held from March 6th - 19th, 2007 at Auroville.


The deadline for applications has been extended to 15 Jan 2007.


The Studio will primarily aim at the design of an Integral Health Enhancement Center '.

Prof Sen Kapadia will be with us as core faculty at the beginning of the Studio and Prof. B.V.Doshi has consented to lead the final design jury alongwith the client body of Healing practitioners from auroville.

The programme schedule will be as follows :

Day 1 & 2  - Architectural Tour of Auroville
This will include visits to Matrimandir, Future School , Savitri Bhavan, Auroville Earth Institute, Afsanah Guest house, Atithi Griha, Solar Kitchen,Visitors Centre and a few housing communities.

Day 5  - Panel discussion
Man-Nature-Economy : Implications for integral health & design
The panelists include Dr.Aster Patel, Sen Kapadia, Ulrich Blass, Dhanya Pater & Dr.Sumeet. The discussion will be moderated by Prof.C.L.Gupta

Day 3 to 14  - Architectural Design Studio
The focus of the studio will be to create an atmosphere, in architectural terms, that is conducive to healing. The morning sessions will include group discussions to support the design process ,where we will experiment with - Collective Intelligence and Co-Creating Café - techniques that help in exploring new designing tools as a team.  The afternoon sessions will provide time for individual inputs towards the project. Core Faculty include Sen Kapadia, Helmut Schmid, David Nightingale, Toni Barter, Kiran Keswani & Mona Doctor-Pingel. A list of resource persons from within auroville will be made available who can be consulted towards preparing an ecologically sensitive design. Visiting faculty including Dr.B.V.Doshi, Dr.Chamanlal Gupta, Sen Kapadia, Piero Cicionesi & Poppo Pingel will share their work & philosophy in the evening talks.

The learning will also include the experience of living in a sustainable environment at Verite, the community where the Participants accommodation and the Studio has been arranged. This is a community established in 1985 with the aim of integrating environment and ecology in daily living. As a result, the whole community of  8 acres is fully powered by solar energy integrating a wind mill, sustainable building techniques, biological wastewater treatment, rainwater harvesting and organic farming.

The Studio is subsidised by the Auroville Foundation. All the core and visiting faculty are giving their time on a honarorary basis. The course will be certified by NIASA ( National Institute for Advanced Studies in Architecture), Pune. 

To apply :

Please send two pages (A4) of sketches/photos/writing of one of your projects before 15 Jan 2007 to :
or Post to: Studio Co-ordinator, Yantra Too, Irumbai P.O., Auroville 605111,T.N.  ph : 0413-4308229.
Participation fee : Rs.10,000 (includes Boarding Lodging for 15 days & Course materials)


Studio Coordinator



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