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Citadyn is a collective housing project in the habitat area which is very close to Matrimandir.
In Citadyn a lot of thought and planning has gone into striking the right balance between the spirit of Community and actual living as a community.

For CitaDyn the mantra has been to minimise private space (the allocation is 35 - 45 sq m per person) and maximise common or shared space.
For example, the assumption is to the allocate 35 - 45 sq m per person, consequently, while the apartments range in size from 35 sq m to 100 sq m, an additional 20 sq m within the building is collective space. This includes the whole of the ground floor which doesto the residents but be open to all Aurovilians.

Common facilities include a reception desk and management office (responsible for maintaining the apartments: there are no personal domestic servants in CitaDyn), a laundry, a caféteria, a small internet café and an art centre. Some apartments are accessible by lift.


Concept > Design

• Nature Consciousness:
- stack ventilation to have cross wind in all rooms
- thermal efficiency via double-skin aerocon blocks
- central atriums to allow hot air to rise, pulling in cooler air below

• Noise reduction:
- acoustic paneling in the ceiling and on the wall
- aerocon blocks with 40cm thickness and a cavity of 10cm for walls

• Alternative Energy:
- solar water heaters
- biodynamised water from AquaDyn
- low energy-intensive dehumidification system inside rooms

• Smallest Carbon footprint:
- sewage recycling
- rainwater harvesting
- charging points for green vehicles
- use of strictly non-polluting vehicles for clean environment

General view








Pergola on terrace




Balcony detail









Interior of an apartment





Interior of an apartment


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