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Born in Mumbai on May 10th 1975, Poonam Mulchandani moved  to Auroville in 1997 after graduating from the Kamla Raheja Institute for Architecture and Environmental Studies. She has an independent practice since then. Indulging in diverse projects, all of them incorporate sustainable design practices while maintaining cost and time efficiency. She most enjoys working on public buildings and projects with a social purpose.

Architecture is a celebration . . . of form . . . lines . . . light . . . colour . . . and nature.


Design directives :

To create a contemporary architectural language, using a vocabulary of the vernacular.

To diminish the distinction between natural and the built.

To evolve an architectural expression through simplicity in form, lines and function.

Sustainable Practice strategies :

Climate response: Raised Floors to enhance air flow and avoid humidity.

Large openings for ample air flow.

Shading of outer walls.

Roof insulation.

Use of “Passive cooling” design principles like “ Stack effect ”

Material sensibility: Use of Rammed Earth foundations, load bearing structural systems to reduce the use of concrete, and thus CO2 emissions. (One ton of CO2 is released during the production of one tone of cement)

Mud plaster for external rendering to reduce thermal heat gain.

Use of salvaged timber for roof structure, doors and windows.

Use of Prefabricated RCC elements for time, cost and water efficiency.

Water conservation: Use of dry composting toilets

Waste water recycling and reuse

Rain water harvesting

Use of Indegenous species of vegetation for landscaping.

Energy Conservation: Use of Solar energy to generate electricity and heat water.


List of projects


Zen beach house, Repos, Auroville, TN - 2009

Environment Education Center, Botanical Garden, Auroville, TN, India – 2007-‘08

Jeeva Nivas - Orphanage for HIV+ youth, ChinnaKalapet, Pondicherry: 2008 – ‘09

Farm Units, Mathur Village, Tamil Nadu : 2008 –‘09

Seed bank, Jallahalli, Karnataka - 2008

Lounge, Dune Beach resort – 2007

Guest rooms, Dune beach resort – 2007

Nandanam Creche, Centerfield, Auroville – 2006

Nandanam Kindergarten (first phase), Centerfield, Auroville – 2005

Caretaker's house, Botanical Garden, Auroville – 2005

Seed Bank, Botanical Garden, Auroville – 2004

Camp Pavilion, Botanical Garden, Auroville – 2003

Own house, Botanical Garden, Auroville – 2001

Green workers' accomodation, Revelation, Auroville - 2000



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Contact: poonam@auroville.org.in


Website : www.poonam-mulchandani.com



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