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Poonam Gallery 1


Environment Education Center, Botanical Garden, Auroville,
TN, India – 2007-‘08


The Auroville Botanical Gardens (AVBG) encompasses 50 acres of arboretum, sanctuary and thematic gardens, specializing in the indigenous forest of the tropical Dry evergreen species. The main focus of AVBG, apart from ‘Conserving biodiversity', is ‘Environmental Education'.
The Education Center was sited within the infrastructure area of AVBG and was funded by the Government of India. This center accommodates environmental awareness programs for Village schools of the surrounding region.
It receives an average of 250 school groups every year.





Design Approach: Using a vocabulary of the vernacular, a contemporary architectural language was evolved. The main class gathering area is a large space opening out to the landscape. An attempt was made to diminish the distinction between the natural and the built environment. The outer plinth floats above the ground allowing the landscape to creep under the building. A water pond with an indigenous water eco-system is integrated within the building.









Zen beach house, Repos, Auroville, TN - 2009




Sabine and Phillipe are teachers of well being arts: Nia / Kung Fu / Pilates . They required a double occupancy living unit, built at a low budget and in a short time frame; containing a bed space, office counter, kitchenette, living and storage.



Design approach:

Simplicity and precision maintained in the form, the lines, the construction technique, helped in meeting the prerequisite with a contemporary architectural expression. A new light roofing technique was successfully experimented with – sandwiching 1” thick sheets of Styrofoam for heat insulation, between a false ceiling of fibre board below and thin sheets of aluminum above for waterproofing and heat reflection.







Contact: poonam@auroville.org.in



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