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Satprem Maïni is a French architect, born in Algeria in 1959. He has an Architecture Master from the School of Architecture of Lyon, France. He lives in Auroville since 1989, where he is the director of the Auroville Earth Institute which was founded in 1989 by HUDCO, government of India. Satprem is the representative for Asia of the UNESCO Chair “Earthen Architecture, Constructive Cultures and Sustainable Development”. The Auroville Earth Institute is also partner of the network BASIN South Asia and various others world networks of earth builders.

Satprem has a post graduate master of Earthen Architecture from the School of Architecture of Grenoble, France. He is an occasional consultant of the United Nations and a member of CRATerre-ENSAG (the International Centre for earth construction, France). He works as an architect, builder, consultant, researcher, trainer and lecturer. Since 1990, Satprem and his team have trained more than 8,800 people from 77 Nations.

Since the early 1980’s, his endeavour has been based on the adaptation and renaissance of traditional techniques, use of local materials, participation of individuals and the reconsideration of the role of the architect: from creator and builder to animator and psychologist. Satprem is specialised in using raw earth as a building material and especially compressed stabilised earth blocks (CSEB). He has also specialised in the construction of arches, vaults and domes built with earth, disaster resistance with CSEB and earthen heritage conservation.

Since 1989, Satprem’s life has been dedicated to Auroville, India and the World for the recognition of our Mother Earth, while using its matter for the sake of sustainable developments. His life is offered to the Lord and is dedicated to Karma Yoga, the work done as an offering to the Divine, for the Lord’s Action upon Earth so as to unite Matter and Spirit. Today, the architectural research being conducted by Satprem integrates symbols and a holistic approach to life. He tries to link the genius of the past with recent discoveries so as to build a timeless architecture – Architecture made of light, energy and conscious matter. Since 1992, the Sanskrit name Satprem, meaning Truth and Love, replaced the birth name Serge.

Under his direction, the Auroville Earth Institute is researching, developing, promoting and transferring earth-based technologies, which are cost and energy effective. Today the research and development of the Auroville Earth Institute on architecture and technologies based on earth are disseminated worldwide through training courses, demonstration projects and consultancy. Satprem has published 33 publications and since 1985 he has worked in 35 countries to transfer his knowledge and promote earthen architecture.

Satprem was granted 13 awards: “1992 Hassan Fathy Award for architecture for the poor” – “2010 Prince Sultan Bin Salman Award for Urban Heritage” for Al Medy Mosque built at Riyadh and 11 Indian awards.

Key projects and Research & Development

  • 1989 to 2013 – R&D on domes and vaulted structures
  • 1996 to 2013 – R&D on disaster resistant buildings
  • 2008 – Optimisation of adobe production for the conservation of the World Heritage site of Ghadames, Libya
  • 2006 – Temple Sri Karneshwar Nataraja, India
  • 2004 – Al Medy Mosque at Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – “2010 Prince Sultan Bin Salman Award for Urban Heritage”
  • 2004 – Tests and specifications for the conservation of Nako Temple (12th C.), Spiti, India
  • 1999 to 2003 – Training centre of the Auroville Earth Institute
  • 1999 – Æ 22.16 m Dome of the Dhyanalinga Temple, near Coimbatore, India – Built without centring in 9 weeks
  • 1994 to 1995 – Mirramukhi School at Auroville – 600 m2 with stabilised rammed earth and a vault of 10.35 m span
  • 1992 to 1994 – Shakti Vihar School at Pondicherry, India – 2000 m² for 700 children of low income groups
  • 1991 to 1999 – Vikas Community at Auroville – Finalist for the 2000 “World Habitat Award”
  • 1989 to 1992 – Visitors Centre at Auroville – 1200 m² – "Hassan Fathy Award for architecture for the poor" in 1992
  • 1988 – Rural primary school at Genale, Somalia
  • 1986 – House of  “24 H. of the earth” at Grenoble, France

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