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First came to Auroville in 1997

Background of Training/Experience

Graduated in Architecture from Kamla Raheja Vidyanidhi Institute of Architecture & Environmental Studies, Bombay.

Worked in Bombay and Italy.  Projects included architectural design, interior & product design, landscape design and research on ‘Lost temples of Khajuraho' & competition proposals.

Studied Italian Cinema & Literature at L'Universita Per Stranieri, Perugia-Italy.

Nature of work in Auroville

  • Assisting in Innovative Urban Planning for Auroville's Future –Centre for Urban Research
  • City networking- project under Asia-Urbs of Auroville’s Future connecting Indian cities to European cities for ‘Best Practices in Sustainable Urban Development’
  • Architectural consultancy in keeping with the socio-economic and environmental concerns. The structures designed are, as far as possible, eco-friendly in character taking into account energy conservation factor and use of alternate forms of building technology wherever possible
  • Interior & product design
  • Landscape design
  • Freelance architectural journalism - documenting regular developments in Auroville & Pondichery for Indian & international design journals
  • Training provided to indian and international students for internship in all of the above fields
  • Organising & Management of Seminars & Workshops for students and professionals in all of the above fields
  • Technology transfer of alternative building technology outside of Auroville
  • Personal ongoing research on Sustainable development practices in Architecture, Planning & Building technologies

Achievements: Listed & work published in ‘Indian Architect & Builder’ Magazine as one of the five best ‘Young designers for the year 2002’.

Drawings on Khajuraho temples published in MARG -March 2000 & Oxford Press guide to Khajuraho - 'Monumental Legacy' 2000

Commendation Award for State Architect of the Year 2008 (for Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry and Kerala)

at the National Architecture Awards of JK Cement




Accomplished projects


Private Residences



Housing Projects



Industrial Buildings






Public Buildings











Contact: sheril@auroville.org.in 

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