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- work report, summer 2002

While activities in the International Zone are generally picking up since the beginning of this century, a kind of inner fullness has come into the efforts of the Bharat Nivas team and they here share a summary picture of the various activities that have been, and are presently being, pursued. They are distinctive and different individuals work out their own initiatives. The team starts with those who were the first ones to begin work in these areas:

  1. We think of Aurovilian of the first hour Varadharajan, who started to work on educational programmes for children as well as adults in the villages of Auroville's bio-region right from the founding years of Auroville, and is an active member of the Bharat Nivas team. Every year he co-ordinates cultural programmes on India's Independence & Republic's days when the outreach schools show their best in dance, drama, and songs.

  2. Long-time Aurovilian Meenakshi touches deep in the soul and spirit of Tamil Nadu and has been, since her arrival, busy with setting up schools and educational programmes in the villages around Auroville. Presently, setting up the Tamil Heritage Centre located by the side of the Atithi Griha guesthouse in Bharat Nivas occupies her attention, the architectural plans of the building, the funding and the beginning of some activities being the chief concerns..

  3. The work of the Centre for Research in Indian Culture and the 'Centre of Indian Studies' is being led by Aster Patel who is Aurovilian of the first hour as well. Mrs Patel is the inspiration for various aspects, particularly Integral Psychology and the 'Synthesis of Yoga'. She has been an efficient contributor for organising several literary workshops in similar fields

  4. The setting up of a Sanskrit section many years back was the work of Mrs Toshi Malik who also lived in Auroville from the very beginning. This early activity serves as resource base for Sanskrit classes being held now. Toshi herself presently teaches Hindi to adults, as also Sanskrit. She also translates into Hindi or gives a final reading to works ready for publication.

  5. Ashoke C. devotes himself to several aspects of the work such as handling the annual Government of India grants for construction work and overseeing the running of Atithi Griha guesthouse. Together with Dharmesh, recently arrived Kishen Mayer, Ashoke focalises the management of the overall Bharat Nivas campus and assets, always in collaboration with the lager team

  6. The Sri Aurobindo World Centre of Human Unity, at the entrance of Bharat Nivas was designed and built by architect Anupama. Anupama generally handles the construction work of Bharat Nivas, functions as consultant in all development issues, and also takes care of Bharat Nivas related graphic designs of posters and a website-to-be

  7. The Atithi Griha guesthouse in Bharat Nivas, was designed and constructed by architect Dharmesh, whose involvement also centres around the graphic layout, logo design and campus signage of Bharat Nivas, co-managing Bharat Nivas in general as well as organisation of workshops, advises in development activities regarding Centre for Indian Studies, Tamil Heritage Centre, Sri Aurobindo Auditorium and presently also is in the process of creating an exhibition 'India Builds Her Cities'

  8. The maintenance of the campus of Bharat Nivas and all the infrastructure is skilfully looked after by long-time Aurovilian Elumalai, overseeing check and maintenance of water system, electric supply and generators; some carpentry and masonry work; security needs, garden upkeep, fencing of the campus etc

  9. Focal point of the artistic and cultural life of the Auroville community is the Sri Aurobindo Auditorium in Bharat Nivas. Tapas Bhatt, with her team, organises this area of activities enabling the community and its guests to enjoy a great variety of cultural performances taking place in the Auditorium and elsewhere in the township

Of course, the above list is nowhere complete and merely serves to give the reader an overall idea of the functioning and growth of Bharat Nivas, Auroville's House of India.

Bharat Nivas brochure

Towards the end of 2001, a fairly comprehensive brochure on Bharat Nivas was brought out, outlining the foundation of the work and the future directions of growth based on texts taken from Sri Aurobindo's essay 'The Renaissance of India'. The brochure also lists the various components of Bharat Nivas and gives brief notes on the distinctive areas of study/research/artistic presentations.


For more detailed information, please visit: www.bharatnivas.org

Contact: cicbn@auroville.org.in 


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