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City of the Future

In terms of physical development, Auroville aims at becoming a model of the 'city of the future' or 'the city the earth needs'. It wants to show the world that future realisations in all fields of work will allow us to build beautiful cities where people sincerely looking towards a more harmonious future will want to live.


But, what should be the "City of the Future"?


The Mother gave us clear parameters for a number of things, while for other things she gave a free hand to Roger Anger, the French architect she had appointed to oversee the township's physical development.

Presently, almost 36 years after her demise, and after a lot of changes in Auroville, India and the world, where are we now?

In some respects, we think we know what this 'city of the future' should be; in other respects we only know what it shouldn't be; and again, in other respects, we simply don't know at all. We know that, on a conceptual level, the city has been 'seen' and exists as such; we are learning to be receptive in order to make it come down.

A lot of work is awaiting us.

Auroville's town planners tell you about it in the following pages.

HomeThe City > Introduction

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