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It is France
that can link India to Europe.
France has great spiritual possibilities.
In spite of the present state she is in,
she is meant to play a great role.
It is through France that 
Europe will be touched
by the spiritual message.

The Mother, 1961

French version

Russian translation




Brochure du Pavillon



Revue d'Auroville

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'The secret', Rodin.


Every Tuesday, from 5.00 pm at La Terrace , conversation in French open to everyone who wishes to practice or improve his/her French language, or Guests/Visitors who want some information on Auroville or just share a moment with Aurovilians.
Ananda, Michiko and Surya
for the Pavillon de France .





Chaque Mardi, à partir de 17h.00 à la Terrace , conversation en français ouverte a tous ceux et celles désireux(ses) de pratiquer ou améliorer leur français ainsi que les Visiteurs qui souhaitent avoir des information sur Auroville ou simplement partager un moment avec des Auroviliens. Ananda, Michiko et Surya
pour le Pavillon de France.

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