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On August 15, 2001, an inauguration ceremony for German Aurovilians and their friends marked the beginning of the real planning and construction phase of the German Pavilion in Auroville. Since then, the Pavilion group of Auroville International (AVI) Germany published a brochure describing certain aspects of the 'German soul' and showing the design of the future building. As nothing as yet is finalised or 'frozen', the text of the write-up may continue to evolve.. You find some excerpts here below.

First concept of the design

The idea to start work on Auroville's German Pavilion first emerged in 1992, after which a group of interested people have met regularly for intense workshop sessions during weekends. Support for this group and the Pavilion Initiative in Auroville is from AV International (AVI) Germany e.V. - a recognised public association.

Combining aspects of the German culture

The remarks of Sri Aurobindo about Germany that are found in his book 'The Human Cycle' have served as a reference with regard to the contents of the German Pavilion. According to these insights, the fulfillment and future task of the German soul lies in the happy realisation of both the idealistic and pragmatic aspects of its nature. Pre-eminent aspects of the German culture may be on one hand philosophy/vision and music, and on the other hand a dispassionate and rational attitude towards research and production. Hence the need for a Pavilion model that will fulfill the full spectrum of these qualities. The Pavilion is not to embody only the German soul aspects in a symbolic way, but should also be of practical benefit to a vital and essential aspect of Auroville.

Need for an integral guiding idea

The German Pavilion is to adapt itself, of course, to the existing concept of the International Zone with its campus character, and has to fit into it in a way that it makes sense at each stage of its development. This demands that the concept not only be modular and adaptable, but should also be easy to extend. Herein lies the challenge that the pavilion does not grow in a piecemeal fashion, but should have worked out its overall and central themes from the very beginning.
With respect to the aspects of the German soul described above, and the resulting synthesis to be derived from these, the aim is to create a building that is based on an integral guiding idea, which would also be suitable as the core for further development.

'Water' as central theme

Members of the German Pavilion Group defined 'water' as a possible guiding idea. It was chosen, on the one hand, for its qualities as the creator of life, and its expression of the joy of life and beauty, - and on the other hand as a medium that carries an energy whose possibilities to date have hardly been explored. This guiding idea of water should find its expression in or on the building in an artistic/creative way, as a combination of light, water and sound.

Today, more than ever, a careful handling of this precious resource is crucial and many new insights into its secrets may emerge. Space and equipment dedicated to different kinds of water research is required. Besides for instance development of alternative (appropriate) technologies for the desalination of sea water, it could also include leading edge scientific research of specially processed water to potentially carry information.

Music Hall

A further part of the building would provide an acoustically highly adaptable hall, which would be suitable for concert performances and for use by music schools or study groups. Here, a 'concert' would not only mean a performance of work by German composers, but of Indian and other composers as well, always with its focus on more classical music styles. The quality of the technical specification of this hall can be anywhere from its basic structural acoustic function up to, and including, sophisticated high tech equipment. An additional workshop for the production and maintenance of musical instruments is also foreseen. (see Impression)

German vision & philosophy

Finally, a separate area should represent the vision/philosophy of Germany in an adequate manner. In this space both exhibitions and lectures should be made possible.


  • Additional space requirements: two to three single- room guest apartments; caretakers flat; reception area and a small Café

  • Ornamental gardens around the building, possibly in connection with a fountain

  • No free-standing building, but integrated into a 'European plaza', with possible links to neighbouring buildings (e.g. French or Russian pavilions)

Contact: info@de.auroville-international.org 

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