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Ongoing Housing Projects ...
and next steps



Here are the latest updates on ongoing Housing Projects.
This makes it 6 in total and we are almost there… We hope to complete this soon, but we have a hard time to get updates on often outdated or missing files …


Coming Projects:
- AIIH (Auroville Institute for Integral Health) on the Crown

Thank you,
L'avenir Communication Platform


Arati III Building 1 and 2


Arati3.pdf (938.67 KB)




Inspiration Phase 1


Inspiration.pdf (684.26 KB)

See also: Architect Sonali Gallery






Luminosity.pdf (470.38 KB)




Maitreye First Phase


Maitreye.pdf (960.6 KB)

See also: Architect Sonali gallery




Realization Community First Phase


Realization.pdf (805.08 KB)






Swayam.pdf (474.96 KB)

update September 2012



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