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I m p r e s s i o n

The German Pavilion

A personal view

The 'Soul of Germany' is being discussed since many years within circles in Auroville and Germany.

This is a necessary preparation for a true representation of cultural life of Germany as envisaged in the International Zone of Auroville, and will continue as steps are taken to realise a 'German Pavilion' there.

Amongst all the philosophical and intellectual achievements highlighted against the background of well known darker sides of the German national temperament, stands out her culture of music.

As Sri Aurobindo says about Germany (SABCL 17 p. 318):

"Her music indeed was very great and revolutionised the artistic mind of Europe… - because it brought in a profound intuitive feeling and vision to uplift through the conquered difficulties of a complex harmony a large and powerful intelligence."

Shouldn't a 'German Pavilion' concentrate on this highly developed part of the 'German Soul'?

Why not construct, as part of the European Plaza of the International Zone, a Chamber Music Hall (150 - 200 seats), providing an acoustically perfect, technically advanced and beautiful environment for performance, listening and recording, as a contribution to Auroville and to India to share with everybody who is interested in music?

Auxiliary areas can provide enough room for showing other aspects of German culture.

Contact: helmut@auroville.org.in

Spring 2001

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