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It could be..

The following text regarding the International Zone was sent to an international, Auroville-associated email forum by Aurovilian Renu in November 2001:

A natural interweaving of the Asia Urbs and Cultural Pavilion projects, plus a bonus Master Plan and actual infrastructure overlay with long lasting visuals for easy conception and implementation in a logical and intelligent manner by a large group of individuals.
It would be conceivable to view Auroville like this:


Instead of developing an 'area' called the International Zone, let's call 'Auroville' the International zone, which is what it is anyway!

According to our communal needs based on a list of priorities, let's decide how and what each country can contribute. We then invite that country to represent itself in Auroville through financing and technical help. Or let them choose from the relevant fields what it is that they have the energy and willingness to contribute towards.

The only contingent would be that it has to be for the benefit and use of all, and fit within realistic priorities in each category of, say, the Arts, Infrastructure, Services, Greenwork etc..

For example: Say the German Pavilion could be the Auroville's music hall, the American Pavilion could be Auroville's sports complex, a laundry service, a 'hammam' /communal baths ( both these latter places could ideally incorporate the use of the solar bowl for hot water).

Water catchments and tanks? Alternative Transport, Service area, the Roads, Electricity, Land etc can all be represented by different nations.. or, if not glamorous enough to be chosen, these issues could be taken up by the Unity Pavilion (towards which pavilion each country contributes a portion of the funds required for its construction.)

Literature and periodicals from each country can be sent to the Auroville Library. (The more symbolic Pavilion concept area can be developed after these basics are fulfilled for all). In this manner the world will truly have built Auroville and we will have aided its collaboration.

In this manner we would not replicate division but cohesively contribute to Auroville as a whole. We would thus avoid having 'dead' or 'trophy' buildings to maintain/occupy and give life to, while the growing infrastructure of Auroville is begging for attention, and the need for communal facilities grows.

Three-dimensional map

Furthermore, to ease visual implementation on the actual Auroville landscape, let's build (now that we have accurate elevations) a three-dimensional map (diorama) with existing infrastructure and natural landmarks (forests, rare trees, road, ponds etc). In this manner we can actually see how the existing growth can be incorporated with the Galaxy masterplan and where new development would best fit.

We could then get to play out concepts and ideas on this map so that they could be easily envisioned and understood by all, for Auroville. To encourage participation you could come to Aurofuture (Auroville's townplanning section in Bharat Nivas) and build your existing house and lay it on the plan. The staff of Aurofuture and the Development Group would be there to help you make your plans and presentations to the collective (not as a group to impose or condone building styles or placing), so that a decision can be made by the collective after the presentation, given a period for study and exchange, by counting hands or something.

Want to see if it makes sense to have a water catchment lake 90 mtr wide around the Matrimandir?? Come to week 1 of MM garden concepts!

How about that new service area? Let us see where it best fits, considering access, environment impact and overall future plan. With computer aid the concept and details can be projected and viewed so presentations are fully informational.

In this way we can really evolve out of the confines of the fixed Galaxy plan and flexibly harmonise the past with the present in an intelligent and mutually satisfying way for the future with global participation for actual needs.


Contact: renu@auroville.org.in 

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