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International Zone NewsletterThe as yet quite barren area of the International Zone, waiting for future Cultural Pavilions to materialise..

August - October 2003



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The work of the group is now to a large extent directed by the research project started by us in August. The main aims of the project are to deepen our understanding of the raison d'être of the International Zone of Auroville and to find the main strategic practical means to help it to manifest . The preparation of a plan for the development of the Zone is in the main focus for the works of the architects.


For our work on the International Zone in Auroville we need to have a research in the main themes such as nations and human unity (based on the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother). But this is not enough. We decided to make a study and - to facilitate any future work on the International Zone - to create a series of compilations showing the deep meaning of the following themes: evolution, education, university, unity and oneness, nature, culture. This is important because the pavilions (sometimes called cultural pavilions) are to express the input of nations to the evolution of humanity.

As the IZ is directly connected to the coming University of Auroville, we also need a closer look into this development.

Some members of the group are collecting existing material, make studies, compilations. The compilation on Culture from Sri Aurobindo writing has been made. It was presented to the group, discuss there and sent to the interested people. Culture is one of the main themes of the International Zone research workshop which is planned for the beginning of December.


Apart from discussions in the group, which are regular, we plan a series of IZ research workshops for seriously interested people. The first one has the title "Nations and Culture in Evolution" and is planned to happen on December 7th.
We strongly feel that the participation of AVI centres, virtual members etc. in such discussions is necessary, but up to now, however, we failed to sustain it.


The group is working on the plan of the International Zone. Peter A., Jana and Helmut, members of the group, have agreed to work together on the plans for the development of the Zone.
The group has formulated and given to them the preliminary brief.
Peter A. and Jana presented to the group the plan for the development of the International Zone developed by them some time ago. This is a step in the planning work, the plan is accepted as one of the alternatives for the development of the Zone.
At present Helmut doesn't have the time to give a strong input in the planning work, but he is actively participating in all discussions on architecture and planning.
The group had a meeting with Roger Anger, where Roger spoke about his views on what are the essentials of the International Zone.


As the completion of the Unity Pavilion is delayed, the group established its temporary office in Courage, sharing a big room with Helmut and architects working with him. We have there one computer, printer and some furniture. Jonny, who is a member of the IZ group is working there as a secretary of the group.

Development of Auroville and the International Zone
A few months ago the restructure of IDC (Interim Development Council, which was mainly concerned with building permissions) took place. We now have instead the Auroville Planning and Development Committee (APDC) - with the aim to put the planning and development on a new level and a broader base. Peter A. and Ruslan Y. are representing the International Zone group in the APDC.

How we come together

For the last few months we have weekly meetings on Tuesday afternoon. A couple of weeks ago we shifted the venue for IntZG-meetings from Tibetan Pavilion to the Town Hall.
In addition to that a smaller group often meets on Saturday mornings for more detailed work. Lately this has been mainly on planning and the workshop/culture.
At present the active members of the IntZG are:
Anne, Aster, Helmut, Ingo, Jana, Jonny, Peter A., Ruslan Y., Sergei, Tekeste and Tine.

International Zone group
contact: internationalzone@auroville.org.in

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