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Paolo Tommasi's
detailed proposal

Presentation of
March 28, 2009

Presently, in the spring of 2002, while the structure covering with gold disks comes gradually to completion, great care and attention goes out to the final designs for the twelve gardens that will immediately surround the Matrimandir complex.

We give you here some ideas of the various models that have been brought forward by respectively Roger Anger and Paolo Tommasi for the community to study.

Roger Anger's designs:



Paolo Tommasi's designs:

The Garden of Light
A dry bed of a white and gold gravel, in the form of a meandering river. In the center it forms a circular space absolutely white. On the borders, flowers as indicated. Rocks and grass patches and paths on the right and left side link this garden to the two adjacent ones.

The Garden of Harmony
Here the indications are the three varieties of the Harmony creeper (Antigonon - white, pink and vermilion) So there are three bowers (pergolas) made of bamboo, in the form of the three basic geometric forms (circle, triangle and square) Pathways go through the bowers, creating a place to rest and a viewing point. Here and there are different circular bushes, small hills and cactus garden all linked by different paths.

The Garden of Progress
A small hill of a certain shape (like the Temple of the Sun) One climbs the hill by means of a series of stone staircases in circumambulatory ways. On top of the hill, a shady tree and a waterfall that runs in between the rocks, into the lake. Flowers and plants as indicated.

The Garden of Power
Very huge rock in the center of a rectangular space shaped in the golden proportion. Floor material: white marble gravel. Pathways: white marble times in a geometrical pattern (Japanese style) Flowers: red hibiscus as indicated.

The Garden of Wealth
Small lake of Nymphea and a white gravel cactus garden, as indicated. From the small lake is born another stream that runs into the large lake, passing through the green lawn.

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