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The 12 gardens of the Matrimandir

What significance ?



Roger Anger's designs

Paolo Tommasi's
detailed proposal

Presentation by Mark D., Marie, Maurizio on March 28, 1009



The calm persistent vision of the One…
Savitri, Book II, Canto 14


Flowers are the moment's representations of things that are in themselves eternal.






This document completes the presentation, “The Gardens of Matrimandir today” given by Marie, Maurizio and Marc D. in Auroville on March 28, 2008, a presentation followed by an initial plan for the three gardens of Existence, Consciousness and Bliss , as well as the models of all three gardens.


To incarnate concepts as profound and vast such as Existence, Consciousness and Bliss – Sat, Chit, Ananda – in a project as concrete as a garden, represents a delicate challenge. “In the absence of a clear vision, a vision as clear and irrefutable as the Mother's vision of the Inner Chamber and crystal of Matrimandir” ,
this study was above all an attempt to find the deeper significance of the three gardens on which we were working.
It naturally spread further to include all the twelve gardens. In a way it is a question of exploring the possible meanings and implications of the names given by Mother for the gardens of Matrimandir, meanings that are obviously inseparable from the context of the Integral Yoga and the larger plan of Auroville. This compilation, using quotations of Sri Aurobindo and Mother, seeks to include the efforts of all those who have so far thought deeply about the signification of these gardens.


Today, now that the Matrimandir is finished and the aspiration to start the gardens is growing, this research is unavoidable. If it helps to understand what each garden should express and, if possible, in what landscape form, then its objective will be achieved.


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It is generally understood that the first three of the twelve gardens of Matrimandir, Existence, Consciousness and Bliss represent Sat, Chit and Ananda , the “ Nature of the divine Being ”, at once the transcendent origin and the divine dynamism.






EXISTENCE The One indivisible which is pure existence.

The hansa [the swan] is the symbol of the Being.

Key words: Sat ; Essence; Emergence; Dynamis; Source of becoming.

The flower chosen by the Mother for this garden is the hibiscus named “ Psychic Power
of Existence
”, which in her commentary she describes as being “ Manifold, imperious,
and irresistible in its comprehensive sweetness.












Download the full document .pdf (488 kb)




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